Haute Denim Dad.


Ryan. Sausalito. December 2016.

Cute dad eating at FISH in Sausalito, 331fish.com, one of my favorite Bay Area lunch spots – bring lots of cash, that’s all they take – and it’s a little pricey or seems pricey when you actually pay with cash – because who uses cash anymore? But it’s delicious, sustainable fish, the highest quality and care go into their food – not to sound pretentious, but you can taste the love and care in each bite.


Scenes from a “seafood” restaurant…


Love this kids very British paddington bear sweater.


Great shoes – so much better than weird sneakers – you guys know what I mean.


This dad’s look is very simple, but still so stylish – especially the shoes. The jeans are also a perfect shade of denim, and I get weirdly excited when I see a perfect shade of denim. It would be a dream to spend a day in the Levi’s vintage warehouse… someone get me in there!!

Haute Modern Day Greaser

Tab DadTab Dad 2

This was a dream spotting this dude… he is a modern day greaser, not only driving a vintage cadillac, but drinking Tab (let’s hope they’ve changed the ingredients).  I love seeing someone who expresses themselves through style. This is what style is about.. it’s not following trends or wearing head to toe labels, but being creative and taking risks.

From the vintage black penny loafers paired with argyle socks, cuffed jeans, tropical shirt (I mean that is hard to pull off and make cool) and the insane vintage cadillac convertible  – – awesomeness in all its glory..  and the Tab is the perfect prop to this 1960’s stylin’ dude.