Babydolls -n- Boots, Haute.


Jenny. Aspen. August 2016.


Well, well, well isn’t this a throwback to the 1990’s. Every “it” girl wore cowboy boots and baby doll dresses in the 1990’s – I believe Betsey Johnson started the trend with her sexy floral dresses all the girls coveted – back then, her stores had a no return policy, so you had to be sure that pricey dress looked good.



The nails and small tattoos add that 2016 modern edge to Jenny’s look.


Cowboy boots are always sexy with a short dress, for shorter legs aim for an ankle boot, sometimes full size cowboy boots can make legs appear shorter – but who cares!!!


Jenny’s roots are rock-n-roll…this photo is so pure..

She’s a Free Spirit at Drop-Off.


Mom of Five. Miami, Florida. July 2013.

Fashion Notes: Jean vest. Bohemian Dress. Gorgeous Dreads…. this manifests into such a naturally cool look.  I love a denim vest over a feminine dress…

I loved running into this family in Miami.. this mother is always taking all of her kids to the library or to the park to play.. and they are a tight unit.. all with beautiful dreads, cool style and bright smiles… love, love this crew!