Haute Papa. San Francisco.


Post Street. San Francisco. April 2017. iPhone 6.

I purposely walked around San Francisco to take photos, but didn’t charge my battery. So excuse the iPhoto shots – especially because the lens always has left over coconut oil from my hands. He told me he’s from Pittsburgh – but he explained, Pittsburg in California. Who knew? I got a little American geography lesson.


This dad was so kind to take this little girl out of her stroller, but then she started being a toddler and I felt bad for messing him up. Dealing with a toddler, is equivalent to dealing with a highly drunk, emotional friend  – you don’t know what you are going to get – and it’s kind of petrifying!!


But look at that cute face.


Ripped acid wash jeans, so nice.


I love a little neck tattoo. Cute dad.

Iphone Shots. Miami. Brooklyn. San Francisco. Marin.


Miami. Marin County. San Francisco. Brooklyn. 2014.

I realize the bad quality of the photographs, but I wanted to show these stylin’ parents. I love traveling and admiring the fashion of each place.  I don’t know if this is a real “hobby”, but observing humanity is my greatest love – actually participating in human interaction, while capturing style…. yup, that’s it.

Love to you all. Happy Friday. xxxx Mara

Haute Parents. Central Park Drop-Off


New York City. Central Park. April 2014.

Young parents. Over the knee boots, cropped shirts and acid wash are all over NYC streets..a throw back style. I spotted a complete acid wash “denim suit”, that was incredible to see.

NYC gives us so much in regard to fashion sightings…I can never get enough!

Haute Miami Mami. Acid Wash. Kicks. Midriff.


Miami, Florida. February 2014.

This mom has a style and she’s working it like a champ..I love that. She is Miami, and I am so happy I was able to capture a shot exemplifying this colorful city.

Fashion Notes: High Waisted acid wash Jeans, bright green midriff shirt, colorful kicks and hair half up.  Can you so picture her in roller skates?