Haute in Japan… Part Deux


Traditions still exist in Japan, and clothing plays a big role.




Loving tha high bun, and little sock with the kitten heels.. that’s how to avoid blisters. The plaid shirt tied around her waist is the re-invention of grunge.


It’s a 90’s fashion couple right here!! Love it.


It’s funny because this mom is wearing a Marin outdoorsy outfit, but her kicks give it style credentials.


My Adidas.. kicks close up.


Haute in Japan


Japan. February 2016.

My friend Jan, who lives in Mexico City travels a great deal. She doesn’t let three kids stop her from experiencing new cultures and seeing the world. Jan also happens to be stylish and have an incredible eye. Here’s her view of Haute Drop-Off in Japan.






Patagonia looks so cute on kids. Do you notice all the American brands? For some reason it looks so much cooler in Japan. It’s a sense of fashion, that you just don’t see in large quantities in other countries.



Some Mamas look Haute in Horizontal..


Yuriko. Marin County, California. February 2016.


It takes a special woman to look this adorable in horizontal stripes. Yuriko runs from me, because I want to take her photograph every day. Her style and personality can charm any human… especially me. And she always tells me I look like a model, a short one!! So of course I love her.


Black tights and flats..always chic.



Haute Modern Grunge at Drop-Off.


Marin County. September 2015.

I’m pretty sure when you’re raised in Japan, some secret class is required to learn about style – and unlike Parisians, the Japanese are cool without making fun of us “fat, unstylish Americans”.  I admit it, I’ve tried getting “into” the Japanese mom crew at my kid’s school. What is it about Japanese culture? it’s almost like an entire country is born with a great fashion sense.


This stylin’ mama, originally from Japan has created a modern take on grunge, with her hair in a loose bun, oversized Jackie-O shades, and ankle length motorcycle boots.


Blue and black works so well. Try it, and don’t get caught up on old fashion rules.


Motorcycle boots add a funkiness to anything you wear.


It’s Raining Style….

DSC_0034DSC_0032DSC_0035Yuriko. San Rafael, California. November 2014.

Fashion Notes: Denim Skirt with leggings, Boots: Hunter, Jacket: Uniqlo

Yuriko always looks cool, even while running around with four kids under age nine.  She’s Japanese raised, and knows good style.  I love this Uniqlo jacket, I have one similar – but this cool hood makes it so chic.  The amazing thing about Uniqlo is you can buy a jacket for under $100.00 and feel as if you are a stylin’ person in Tokyo.

I love Hunter rain boots, even if they are popular.  Especially worn with skirts – Yuriko’s leggings keep her legs warm, while allowing for a British Country side look. I wear my boots with skirts and dresses – or with leggings – even if it’s a clear day, why not?

This is How Tokyo Rolls Baby….


Tokyo, Japan. 2014.

This is how you ride a bike like an urban dweller – the location of the shot could be any major city in the world…grey boots with warm “faux” fur, blazer, black scarf and a pretty adorable kid..fashion moment right here in Tokyo!

And how stylish is keeping the air we ALL breathe clean? Riding a bike is just cool in so many ways…. xxx

Haute Spring. Tokyo Drop-Off. Style even in Uggs!


Tokyo, Japan. March 2014.

Fashion Shot: Barbara Furman

It’s a Spring explosion, with winter boots for good measure…I get Uggs and the comfort factor, I do..and they can look cool, but when something becomes so main stream, the appeal dwindles.  But this mom looks great… and I need to get to Japan immediately!

A great tip friends, small floral patterns are a great distraction from body parts you may want to, well distract from the eye..bikinis with tiny flowers are flattering!! ask the Brazilians

Haute Japan. Mom/Teen Kyoto Drop-Off


Ryoanji Rock Garden. Kyoto, Japan. Mom and her 15 year old daughter.

The photo was taken at this rock garden in Kyoto, famous as one of the best examples of a rock garden.  This spiritual setting is on the property of a Zen-Buddhist Temple.

Kyoto is an impressive art city, with incredible exhibits and a vibrant art scene.  I am loving this mom and daughter..this 15 year old girl has adorable and funky style..it’s appropriate for her age and filled with individualism.  Check out her nails, so cute!

My mom and step-father have been in Japan for a couple of weeks, and I am obsessed with their experiences and want to go soon..the style, the art, the people watching..it’s just an incredible place.  I am so happy that I learned a about Japanese culture through my Japanese friends in college..and since then i’ve had such an interest in traveling all over Japan.

Have a great Sunday and look for more photos of Japan style soon.

Fashion Shot: Barbara Menachem

Haute Tights. How to wear a mini-dress at Drop-Off


San Rafael, California. March 2014.

This Mom, who is from Japan always looks cool and urban.  She has managed to wear a cotton dress with layers to deal with the always changing California weather.  I love her tights, they make her short dress look funky rather than sexy.  mmm maybe I should be wearing them more at school drop-off, then the skirt flying up — wind issue won’t matter…

Additionally, this mom’s baby is an added fashion accessory..did that sound kind of ridiculous? Her hair style adds additional funkiness to her overall look.  I continue to adore Japanese style.. and her son is the cutest with that button down, pressed shirt.