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unnamed-8 & asked for my top kid gift this holiday season, I sound like a total capitalist, to which I’m not – but most of all, I feel like a true success when I watch my boys play a board game – they focus, read directions and have fun without technology – it’s so validating. I know you moms get it, and dads!!

“Haute Drop-Off blogger Mara Menachem plans to prepare her kids for the business world with the assistance of a classic board game.” Click on the link to read about my holiday toy pick, and other top mom bloggers…

Haute Brooklyn Family. Fanny Packs all Around at Drop-Off.


Evan. Sage. Ashley and Oscar. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. October 2014.

Such a Haute Brooklyn family we have here!! Well, we all can agree, if they’re wearing fanny packs in Williamsburg, the comeback is real and hip.  After writing my article on the pros of the fanny pack, published in The Huffington Post Comedy section, (not sure why they thought it was funny, fanny packs are no joking matter), I received several lovely correspondence from people who agreed with my highly complicated break down of this throw back accessory.  One of the fans of my piece is Michael, the owner of Jaunt.  Jaunt creates stylish and functional fanny packs, locally in Brooklyn.

Michael explains his company, “Jaunt is a New York City fashion company that makes beautifully crafted fanny packs. Contrary to the traditional big and bulky fanny packs, Jaunt packs are slim, sleek, and meticulously designed with purposed pockets for only the bare essentials needed for adventures. The minimalist design of the Jaunt pack is meant to help “jaunters” be less bogged down with what what they are carrying so they can connect more with the moments at hand. “Walk Slow, Dance Fast” is the mantra, or soul, of the company”.

It seems to me that Jaunt is a trail blazer or shall I say fanny blazer – in bringing back this amazing accessory, without the poking fun – ya see Jaunt is, along with many in the fashion industry  – making fanny packs not only cool and hip, but affordable!! Check out Jaunt’s website, where a video shares Jaunt’s story – and you can see stylin’ music festival attendees sporting their fanny packs.

Fashion Notes: Dad: Fanny Pack: Pacha style Jaunt Pack, Shirt: Brooklyn Industries
Sage: Fanny Pack: Caro style Jaunt Pack, Pants: Leighton Alexander
Ashley: Hat: Vintage from 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas, Baby Wrap: Gerisol, Leggings: L.A.M.B., Oscar: nununu outfit

Here are some photos from Jaunt’s website, wearing their stylish fanny packs at a music festival, including Michael, Jaunt’s owner:unnamed-15


We all Need some Fat. Let’s Get Physical in Style.


Mara and Liam. Marin County, California. September 2014.

Fashion Shot: Neal

I know that so many people wear work out clothing all day.. but can’t we make it more fun? I’ve written about it, in The Huffington Post – that’s how passionate I am about stylish workout gear. Have fun! Add some earrings, or gold shoes  – so what if your feet may be adorned with blisters after jogging in these babies.  At least, you looked cool running – isn’t that most important?

These Hard Tail shorts are short, but comfortable to work out – only issue is they slide down a bit – that’s why I’m wearing the Fanny Pack. Here’s my article about being a style icon in workout gear. Try it – it’s fun!!! Maybe the accessories will slow you down, but we all need a little bit of fat anyway –

Fashion Notes: Shorts: Hard Tail, Sneakers: Ash, Headphones: Skull Candy, Glasses, Polaroid Aviators in Gold, Nails: Gold.

“I hate to Admit it, but Beauty is intimidating”

 Kate Moss quite the representation of beauty.  Photograph taken at the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit in San Francisco.  Click on the Link below to read my take on how beauty can make us (women) feel like we are not so beautiful!