Haute Malibu. Actor-Surfer-Cowboy-Cool Dad at Drop-Off.

unnamed-6Rodger Halston. Dad. Actor. Malibu, California. December 2014.

Fashion Notes: Rodger, Shoes: Clarks, Jeans: Levis, Flannel: Abercrombie, Vest: One Star, Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Avalon, Kicks: Converse, Jeans: Joe’s Jeans, Vest: Pop Out, Tank Top and Back Pack: Roxy

About: Rodger and family live in Malibu, where he takes advantage of the California life style.  His talents are abundant…. Actor, Musician, Singer, Surfer, Skateboarder, Cowboy, Writer, Producer, Director, Motivational Speaker and DAD.  I don’t know what it means to be a cowboy, but it sounds pretty fun.

Hair: I mean can this dad get any cooler? Rodger is a great looking dude, with major style and an awesome beard.  I have this beard style philosophy  – it can’t be neat or overly trimmed. A beard I like, is more free spirited in its presentation.  A little messy and unruly, but only slightly…Rodger has perfected my beard ideal. The long, straight hair reminds me of late 70’s folk rock hair…it just fits this dad well, and man is he lucky!

Style: I love the fitted vest with a little plaid peaking though – -and the thick wrist cuff.  A great example for men on how to wear accessories. The rolled sleeve is a great way to add some masculinity to any look – especially when its plaid.

Film: Below is a photo of Rodger from his upcoming Universal Pictures film, Scorpion King Quest for Power.  Check out this stylin’ dad in his new film coming out in January.







Haute Skaters. Surfers. Designers. at Drop-Off


Danna and Lisi. 2013.

Danna is a Marketing and PR Manager for Design Aglow & Project Life 365.  http://www.projectlife365.com/ Both companies are owned by Lena Hyde, and operated by an all female team.  The goal is to empower entrepreneurship among women.

Danna also volunteers for a global surf organization, Share the Stoke Foundation (STSF). http://sharethestokefoundation.com/ STSF donates surfboards to children living in poverty along coastlines all over the world.

Lisi, Danna’s daughter is a Vegan (so is Danna) who is an avid writer, bracelet collector and loves to cruise around on her Sector 9 skateboard with her amazingly beautiful hair and “rad” (as the Californians say) style!!

These two are super cool, and super Haute!!