Haute Manly Man. Fairfax Drop-Off.


Fairfax, California. May 2014.

Love this dad’s look.  He has several piercings and carries off this total manly vibe.  But with a sweet smile and an obvious deep affection for his offspring.  The dust on his jeans, are due to his work as a carpenter.  Something about this dad’s overall look is just unintentionally cool…..



Haute European Wheels. Cargo Bike at Soccer Drop-Off.

mandy bike

Mandy. Australian Mamma. San Francisco, California. November 2013

As many of you know, people in San Francisco wear their style in many ways… one being via their wheels… this is an imported front loading cargo bike from Denmark.  It’s seriously such a beauty, as well as its owner.

Haute Designer Runway Mom at Golden Gate Drop-Off


Soohee. Golden Gate Park. San Francisco. November 2013.

Soohee is not only a mom, but a graduate student at Stanford University. She loves to wear quality materials and appreciates designer clothing.

Fashion Notes: Handbag: Chanel, Sweater Vest: Rebecca Taylor, Sunglasses: Lanvin, Ankle Boots: Acne and her vintage inspired camera is Ricoh, that’s my favorite accessory on Soohee..nothing like a great camera to make you look cool.