Punk Guitarist Papa. Sausalito Drop-Off.


John. Dad. Musician. Record Lover. Sausalito, California. October 2014.

RECORDS: John adores records. Currently, he’s digging (I’m trying to be really cool here) his early King Crimson and Cheap Trick records. John continues to buy new music on Vinyl, because he loves the sound coming from a good ole’ record player. Now, John is not a hipster.  He’s been a musician since middle school, and a life long record lover.

CALI RAISED: I’ve witnessed his collection, and the man loves hardcore and punk.  I wasn’t surprised that John was raised in the Southern California surfing town of Dana Point – only because I picture that area being filled with punk tunes, skateboarding and surfing..and serious style influenced by the aforementioned.

SHREDDER: John became a guitar player in 6th grade. It was then, this blonde, Cali kid decided to buy a guitar in leu of a surf board. John continued to save his money and spend it all on records – of the hard rock and metal variety.  Soon after, John heard his first punk record and transformed into a punk and post-punk loving musician.

CAREER: After attending the prestigious Berklee School of Music, John formed a Boston based 90’s band called Pie, signed a recording deal and toured.  But and I quote John “Being averse to elective poverty, I wouldn’t tour regularly and pretty much squandered my opportunity in the music business.” Currently, John woks in advertising and technology, has a gorgeous family and plays in his band, Verst, www.facebook.com/verstmusic

FASHION NOTES: T-Shirt: Fender, Boots: Blundstones (John’s 4th pair), Sunglasses: Vintage 1980’s Ray Ban Wayfarers, Pants: Rhythm Clothing,