Strike a Pose, Korean Style is Haute.


Haeji. Los Angeles. 2015

My Japanese friend told me this adorable hand gesture is a cultural trend, when taking photos in many countries in Asia. Love it!!


Fashion Notes: Bag: Philip Lam, Vest: Absolutely Famous, Shoes: BP


What can I say? They are wearing matching faux fur vests..mother/daughter fashion.



Colombian Mamas make Miami SEXIER. Haute Drop-Off.


Miami. January 2015.

This is really how they do grunge in Colombia.  I mean the country Colombia.  This was taken at a kids jump place, called Sky Zone. I love how these women have taken the re-surfacing style of grunge, and paired ripped jeans with sexy tanks and designer belts/bags.  Miami is special in so many ways—-and it’s hard to leave the house without making an effort, because this is the norm.

Fashion Notes: Belts: Hermes and Moschino, Bags: Louis Vuitton and Chanel, Sneakers: Converse

Sexy Bright Lips at Drop-Off.


“You caught me on a day when I was wearing all my cheapies.” Lisa. San Rafael. 2014.


Fashion Notes: Green hooded army jacket, ripped jeans, Moccasins: Payless, Tank: H&M, Sunglasses: Target, Hair: Lisa is a hair stylist, see the shiny hair?


MARA’S TIPS: Remember!! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to exemplify style.  I had no idea where Lisa purchased her clothing, but liked her look.  She has a mix of classic style with a little Northern California touch.  Adding rolled up ripped jeans and moccasins create a casual, cool style.

Additionally, wearing bright lipstick and oversized glasses is so haute.  I can’t seem to get away with lipstick..I feel like I look awful and made up…oh and my kids laugh in my face, and tell me i’m so “girly”. But if I had blonde hair, I would rock bright red lipstick constantly.  It’s so sexy.

I know it’s not easy for everyone to put together clothing – it doesn’t have to be complicated, not everyone likes my funky style – just wear what you love, and add some slight touches.  If you need some tips, email me.


Haute Megan Fox Look-a-Like. Central Park Drop-Off.

DSC_2276DSC_2273Joanna. Central Park. New York City. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: Forever 21 clothing. Sunglasses: Wet Seal

What better way to kick off NYC fashion week, then a week of NYC parent style?

Joanna is one hot mom! Spotted Joanna and her family in Central Park, buying her kids ice cream on a hot NYC September day.  What can I say? Joanna looks great in a crop-top, paired with ripped jeans.  I love her tattoos, and I appreciate her rock-n-roll style.

She reminds me of the actor, Megan Fox..not a bad person to resemble! I added a close up, so you can see Joanna’s tattoos.

Grunge is Sexy. Haute Mama. Carnival Drop-Off


Marin County Fair. San Rafael, California. July 2014.

Fashion Notes: Besides being stunning, this mom is channeling Grunge with some sparkly, diamond accessories.  I love her huge diamond cross ring mixed with ripped jeans, converse and a tiny white tank.  Her son, styled by his fashionable mama, looks so cool.

I had a great time on July 4th at the Marin County Fair.  It was such a fun, people watching spot – lots of stylish parents, and I even got to hear loads of Spanish..which I always love as it reminds me of Miami.

I had the best day with my boys, we went on scary rides, fun houses and they even had a Vegan food stand (I was happy about that in a sea of fried food)..we wasted money trying to win a huge stuffed donut, to no avail.  And I unsuccessfully tried to convince my boys to get an elephant ear (funnel cake).

Yesterday, It was confirmed how much my kids love me.  Apparently, I’ve turned into quite the wimp…as I panicked on one of the fast rides (okay a ride fit for toddlers).  As I started to panic, thinking that we would go head first into the oncoming carts, my silence caused these gorgeous boys concern.  “Mommy, are you okay? Don’t worry it’s not that fast, they have it timed perfectly.  Just squeeze me mommy”.

I quickly snapped back into the fearless woman I want to be, and smiled and threw my hands up in the air, while vocalizing a “woo hoo”.  That’s a big deal for me, someone who is so not a “woo hoo” person.  It was a fun July 4th, and great to know these little kids “got my back”.

Haute Drop-Off Los Angeles. Music Rules in this City.

DSC_1363Deborah. Los Angeles, California. May 2014.

Fashion Notes: Shoes: Chanel. Ripped Jeans, Denim shirt tied to her waist, cool hat and hot pink nails.

Deborah is a stylish LA mom, who works in the fashion industry – no surprise!

This shot was taken at an Israeli festival, where I was introduced to a very cool Israeli band, Idan Raichel, This band represents the multi-culturism found in Israel..The Ethiopian influences are apparent through music in the Amharic language – And I’m pretty sure I heard some Brazilian beats, all with a combination of English and Hebrew.  The lead vocalist had gorgeous long, dreaded locks prior, but took the stage with a new shaved head.

Idan Raichel reminded me a great deal of Miami.  With an amazing mixture of so many different cultures – ya know what happens? You make beautiful – soulful Music.

Haute Firefighter Papa. Fairfax Drop-Off.


Giuliano. Dad. Firefighter. Fairfax, California. May 2014.

Giuliano grew up in San Francisco, and you can easily assess that – he surfs, mountain bikes, loves food and gave me a suggestion for a great local beer garden – where people take kids, usually on the backs of their very expensive bikes.

Fashion Notes: Giuliano has a look – it’s cool – the beard, ripped jeans rolled up, the chunky distressed leather belt and of course the amazing mountain bike shoes.  He’s Italian -American, and seems to reflect the European lifestyle well.