Arkansas Style. Haute Documentarian.

michael 2

Michael. Marin County. 2015.

Michael is an artist and filmmaker. His work has been in numerous film festivals and museums across the Nation. Michael is working on a documentary, OCEANIA,

The film looks at opposite ends of the Pacific Ocean in search of what ties us together, examining climate change, cultural history and looking above and below the sea. Kiribati, the island nation is the film’s focus, an island predicted to be uninhabitable by 2030 due to rising sea levels.

michael 3

Michael shows that a dash of simplicity is sometimes is all you need. Michael was raised in Arkansas, no where near an ocean.  His Southern roots come out in his style, his shoes slightly resemble Bucks by Bass,, the official shoe of the South – and I love them!

michael 4

I love hearing about the work people are doing to improve our world. Film is an incredible teaching method, and we all know climate change is real and scary. It has changed the way indigenous people live, because the resources are just not available. Modern society has moved forward so quickly, and now we are realizing the dreadful mistakes and terrible consequences of our actions.  Films like this will not only educate, but hopefully move us toward making significant shifts in how we operate as a society.

Michael and his team have been operating via grants and donations. This is a labor of love – love for the Pacific Ocean and the people who have lived by its side for generations.


Haute METS Style.

Mets 1

Prepping for the Met’s game with a walk through Central Park.


Besides panicking that I would get hit by a baseball throughout the game, I have to say I’ve become a little bit of a Met’s fan. So maybe I’ve been slightly judgmental when it comes to team sports and the human fashion cloning thats occurs among the fans. I admit I was wrong, well at least when it comes to baseball.

My mother took us to our first Met’s game last week, and it was actually really fun. Yes, she got great seats at a club level with nice bathrooms..but that’s not the point. Not only was it fun, I felt like I was accepted into this fun community, they sang together, cheered and caught balls. The crowd was passionate, yet respectful..

My seat in particular was the only seat that had a leak from the ceiling falling directly on my I asked for a little help, and quickly we were moved to better seats with amazing cushions. Even after I told Vinny, the manager, that I’m from Miami (they were playing the Marlin’s).


First Met’s Game as a Papi…. Citi Field. Queens. April 2015.

Mets 5


Had to capture this woman. She looked so chic in a sea of Met’s jersey’s and fan wear. Her outfit, she explained was intentional, but she threw on the blue hoody to ensure she was in Met’s colors.  I love the look of this flowing red dress with a sweatshirt – it’s something you would see on the streets of Paris.

And most of you know that the color red, attracts attention – it has been researched and written about….


Here, a little boy pushes a grocery cart with his father filled with recycled cans/bottles from the game. it’s 11:00 at night, and this father is working hard to support his family, all while demonstrating to his son an incredible work ethic.