LA Transplants are Haute. Fashion Designer Mama.


Rachel. Mom. Fashion Designer. LA transplant. Marin County. April 2017.

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Rachel talks about how she waited to have kids – and you can tell in conversation, that she appreciates being a mom. Like we’ve heard over and over, you can’t do it once..and that’s something I truly believe. So many moms have little choice in the matter, and it’s the American way. To me, all moms should have a year off, paid, with a guarantee of job security. But this country makes moms do it all – at once, it’s impossible and unfair. And if we wait to have kids, biologically we’re penalized, medical intervention isn’t cheap and health insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatments.

It’s a subject so deep and disturbing, discussing the treatment of moms in general, gets me on a never-ending rant – as we all should be. We are set up to fail, and it’s the wealthy who have the opportunities to raise kids, without endless obstacles.


On a lighter note, Rachel is taking her daughter to a puppet show, after a quick visit to the photo booth. Rachel is from LA, and is now moving to a very bohemian town in Sonoma  called Sebastopol. Sebastopol is known for its liberal politics, small town feel and famous residents with many musicians, writers and artists.


I meet people everyday, who move from big cities to rural areas and revel in the tight communities and slower pace. I think for me, living in Marin is amazing – but I still can’t deal with not being able to find food after 9:30, or a bar that’s filled with lots of people who talk loud, and not because they are drunk, but because they are just loud talkers.  I do frequent Berkeley, San Francisco and Oakland to feel socially stimulated, if need be.


Fashion Notes: Prada glasses, Ella Moss top, Jamie jeans, Dansko boots. Cute kid: Cat & Jack dress, Elephantito boots



Still Going Strong. Me on Backpack Love.

Mara Backpack 1 mara backpack 2     mara army 1Mara Prada 1

Fashion Shots: Barbara Myers

“My eyes lit up: was this my mom, or a fashion-forward fairy in disguise? I untied the bag and inside was a little nylon backpack with an oversized no-name logo glued (more like super glued) onto its back pocket.  I knew it was a horrible knockoff of what I really wanted, but no matter..”

Fashion Notes: Backpack: Prada,  and Vintage Army, Leggings: Target,, Cuff: Nordstrom,, Glasses: Chanel,, Kicks: Converse, Jean Jacket: Free People,, Gray Heels: Zara,

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Fanny Packs are kind of Haute.


Mara. San Rafael, California. August 2014.

Fashion Shot: Barb Myers

My baby friend, Waylen is staring up at me in utter confusion..what is this lady wearing? Didn’t fanny packs end their heyday in the 1990’s? This kid has a lot to learn, that’s for sure – and he’s lucky his mama is one of my closest peeps, because I will teach.

More to come on my latest passion, Fanny Packs..and why not? They do a whole lot for a mere accessory…I am working on purchasing one a bit cooler, as this boring black number is dated…The choices are endless when it comes to fanny packs – luxury designers Prada, Chanel etc..are re-making them, only more expensive.  And stores like Urban Outfitters are selling out…they have a great mix of bags, from studded city cool to music festival bohemian.  And of course the option I like best, vintage – i’ve been looking, and i’m seeing amazing fanny packs.  Unfortunately in Aspen at a great thrift store, a woman beat me to a brown leather Frye fanny pack!!!! She was pushier, what can I say?

I look forward to sharing my journey into the world of “Fanny Packs” with all of you.


Little White Pocketbooks are so Haute. Aspen Drop-Off.


Caryn. Aspen, Colorado. August 2014.

Caryn likes quality, as I assessed during our conversation about fashion.  Residing in Miami with her husband and two kids, Caryn was another lucky mama able to enjoy the incredible Aspen summer.  When I talk about Aspen, I feel a little weird, because it sounds a bit out of touch..and I get that most people aren’t using “summering” as a verb – i’m certainly not.

Like i’ve mentioned before, Miami is brutal in the summer and people who can escape the humidity to hike, bike and be outside in gorgeous Aspen – definitely take full advantage. This is why Aspen is filled with Dallas and Miami visitors in the summer – they all need an escape.   Aspen is a town filled with high end stores, amazing thrift shops (I will share my finds soon), music festivals (mostly classical and Jazz), bars, free buses etc… It’s a gift to be able to breathe the fresh air in the summer and spend time with my family.

And talk about music..besides the incredible musicians you hear all over town, studying at the prestigious Aspen Music School, Aspen is also home to the iconic Belly Up.  Belly Up is a special place to hear music in an intimate setting.  We saw Ryan Adams, Super Diamond (The Neil Diamond cover band) and Aimee Mann and Ted Leo.  Every night at Belly Up is another impressive band..some less known..some famous..but all really unique and talented.  And back to fashion….

I LOVE Caryn’s white Celine handbag.  White “pocketbooks” were really big this summer, I got an amazing one..and will be wearing it all year, winter white baby! And I’m pretty confident white leather boots, will be worn on the most fashionable feet this fall….

Fashion Notes: Handbag: Celine, Shorts: J.Crew, Cashmere Sweater: Chan Luu, purchased at the boutique 02 Aspen, Sunglasses: Prada, Watch: Cartier and Flip-Flops: Louis Vuitton

Haute Blue Suede Shoes. Prada at Drop-Off.


Susana and Ronan. Coral Gables, Florida. August 2013.

Fashion Notes: Shoes: Prada and Pants: J.Crew

Susana loves great shoes and always funks up her tailored style with a cool shoe, she is a huge fan of Robert Clergerie..and sticks to well made, chunky styles.  Susana believes in spending money on high quality shoes and I believe in stealing shoes from her fancy closet..always great to have stylish and generous friends!

Haute Mamma’s Day. Central Park Drop-Off.

mom and neal

Barbara and Neal. Central Park, May 2013.

Fashion Notes: Bag: Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses: Ray Ban in Green. Cashmere Cardigan: Neiman Marcus, Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, T-shirt: The West is Dead

I find Mother’s Day and all these other “made up” holidays quite contrived.  I still will take this opportunity to thank my own mother.

I got lucky, that’s for sure.  My mom to this day is still the first person I call when things are great and when things are shitty.

My mom taught me so much. And from a fashion perspective, she always and still has great style. Her classic, tailored and chic fashion sense i’ve always admired, but could never pull off.  Throughout my life, she gave me a huge amount of recognition for my unique and creative fashion ensembles.  I recognize how her positivity caused my creativity to flourish.

If it wasn’t for my mom, my boys would be pretty uncultured – she takes them to Broadway shows, Museums (like the Hip-Hop exhibit), baseball games, parks and so much more. She teaches them which fork to use, and how to be silly and spontaneous.

Speaking of manners, my mother’s are impeccable, as well as her grammatical skills (In fact, she will be horrified at my misuse of the English language in this post.).  Although I curse like a sailor and am not always on my best behavior, I do really, really know how to “act”.  My mother instilled (I am being kind with that word) a knowledge of etiquette in her children and surprisingly I do know how to come off seemingly “classy” (I have them all fooled!!).

My mom sometimes tells me these stories, just random notes about her day, and I think to myself, “wow. This lady is wacky!”.  Like when she somehow got her foot stuck on the gas pedal while she was pumping gas and dragged her toe against the concrete to avoid an explosion.  Or when she called me from a ski trip unable to talk due to her uncontrollable laughter, because somehow she was dangling from a ski lift and missed the opportunity to actually sit.  Or how she nearly got arrested for “gently squeezing” a cop’s arm, after she desperately tried to “convince” the officer that her crashing into a large truck was due to the trucks parking job, rather than her driving skills.

My mom always has incredible experiences (sometimes shocking and horrifying) and I realize why.  My mom lives life, really lives life. She take risks and meets new people.  She’s never let ANYTHING stop her from growing, experiencing and thriving.  My mother is off beat, fun and interesting.  You truly learn by example, and I appreciate so much that I have such an example. Happy Mama’s Day.