Chanel doesn’t make me Shallow. Grateful Dead Haute.


Dari. Terrapin Crossroads. San Rafael, California. August 2016.

On Friday night, I met my friend for a drink at Terrapin Crossroads owned by Phil Lesh (famed bass player of The Grateful Dead). The music venue/bar/restaurant in Marin County just added a huge outdoor space with a modern playground entertaining most kids. I have to say, having a place where parents can listen to live music, have a great meal and a cocktail, while their children play outdoors (no site of iPads) is kind of a brilliant idea.  Where else can you take small children on a Friday night, where they can run around and be free -without judgmental looks?


Here I am listening to the music in my new Vince Camuto Gladiator sandals from 02 in Aspen and SUNCOO Paris gypsy skirt from Pitkin County Dry Goods – all on sale! Lately, I’ve been wearing my Chanel bag a lot – even with my workout clothing. Sometimes, I feel like designer bags are so showy and I get embarrassed  – especially where I live now. When I go to places like Terrapin Crossroads, filled with so many people who are products of the counter culture movement, I temporary question my style choices.


I think to myself; “Mara, you idiot, you are surrounded by people dressed in tie dye t-shirts and pants (yes, they make tie dye pants), some with fanny packs, ripped jeans, hippie skirts and lots of very comfortable looking footwear – and you are wearing a designer bag, like a capitalist jerk!!”  I think maybe I should have brought my old faithful bag, my Colombian Mochila  – it’s hand made by the Wayuu Indian women on the border of Venezuela and Colombia, and it’s gorgeous and cool. But no, I bring the Chanel.

Is it the inner rebel in me? Am I making a politically motivated style statement? Something a long the lines of, ya know what? I like fashion, I even sometimes love designer bags – but I’m still a good human gosh darn it!  My love of fashion from Goodwill to Lanvin, doesn’t take away from my depth as a human…right?



This cool mom has amazing tattoos, I am pretty sure she’s married to a tattoo artist. I do bet that all those tattoos are very expensive  – kind of like the price of a small Chanel bag? But somehow, it’s not looked at the same way. Style is my art..tattoos are body art.


So “rad” as the surfers say..


Love between a parent and a child is indescribable.



Mara and “Cheesy” Jeans


Mara. Marin County. October 2014.

Fashion Notes: Jeans: MOTHER, Top: Isabel Marant, Fringe Bag: Zara, Ankle Boots: BCBG, Cocktail Ring : Vintage, Paris. Cuff and Beaded Earrings: Shandi Levy Jewelry, Bangles: Turkey Street Market, Hoops: Target

When I bought these jeans off the sale rack in Aspen, my family said they saw the salesperson high five her co-worker..because according to these comedians, these “ugly” jeans were on sale for two years. My sister-in-law said they look great on me, especially the behind…so of course I bought them.  And I think I worked them out, what do you think?

I mixed the jeans with bohemian pieces to take away from any “cheesy” situation…the beat up ankle boots and hippie bag, all give the jeans a less harsh look.  My stomach looks more exposed here, but my belly button was covered  – the jeans are tight, so an exposed stomach is not the best bet with this shape.

Speaking of ankle boots, I get attached to the worn in look of my own, but they look dirty and “improper”, ya know the rule, no one should have scuffed heels…no, no, no!!  I think it’s time to find a good shoe maker in Marin County.


Fanny Packs are kind of Haute.


Mara. San Rafael, California. August 2014.

Fashion Shot: Barb Myers

My baby friend, Waylen is staring up at me in utter confusion..what is this lady wearing? Didn’t fanny packs end their heyday in the 1990’s? This kid has a lot to learn, that’s for sure – and he’s lucky his mama is one of my closest peeps, because I will teach.

More to come on my latest passion, Fanny Packs..and why not? They do a whole lot for a mere accessory…I am working on purchasing one a bit cooler, as this boring black number is dated…The choices are endless when it comes to fanny packs – luxury designers Prada, Chanel etc..are re-making them, only more expensive.  And stores like Urban Outfitters are selling out…they have a great mix of bags, from studded city cool to music festival bohemian.  And of course the option I like best, vintage – i’ve been looking, and i’m seeing amazing fanny packs.  Unfortunately in Aspen at a great thrift store, a woman beat me to a brown leather Frye fanny pack!!!! She was pushier, what can I say?

I look forward to sharing my journey into the world of “Fanny Packs” with all of you.


Haute Weekend Ice Cream Drop-Off


Leanne. Doctor. Mom. Coral Gables, Florida. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Top: Velvet from Pitkin County Dry Goods in Aspen, Jeans: Lucky Brand, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Necklace: Aspen Farmers Market vendor, Handbag: borrowed from me (mara) is vintage Coach purchased at Lola’s in Fairfax, CA, with an added gold chain taken off one of my mother’s cool clutches.  Earrings: Stella & Dot, Brown boots: Bed Stu Boots found at Nordstrom or Zappos.

Bed Stu is a company named after the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant, an area that is filled with amazing history and soul, now it’s seeing a lot of changes a long with many neighborhoods in Brooklyn, becoming a hipster haven.  Hopefully, BedStuy will remain a place where the original residents are not affected by high rents and all that comes with gentrification.

Since Leanne is a doctor and mother of two, when she is in Aspen, where she spends a good amount of time with her family, she has time to shop.

The town of Aspen is great for avid shoppers, small family owned stores with unique finds and bigger more price friendly stores like J.Crew and Gap rub elbows with luxury boutiques such as Prada and Louis Vuitton.  Not to mention, Aspen is a fun fashion sightseeing city.



Haute Editor-in-Chief. Aspen Drop-Off.

Aspen Peak Mom

Erin. Mom. Magazine Editor-in-Chief. Aspen, Colorado. August 2013.

Erin Lentz is the Editor-in-Chief of Aspen Peak magazine, one of 12 publications by Niche Media. Aspen Peak, captivates, and celebrates Aspen’s elevated lifestyle, covering philanthropy, real estate, fashion dining, nightlife, outdoors, and culture. When she’s not chasing after her toddler, you’ll find her on a mountain bike or snowboard.

I saw Erin at Aspen’s famous Ducky Derby, and she looked effortlessly stylish.  When she told me she was the Editor of Aspen Peak, it came as no surprise.  Aspen is a town that seems so “fancy” from the outside, but it’s filled with culture, outdoor activities, FREE public bus service, incredible music and an overall sense of community… it really is much different from its outside perception.  Erin represents the Aspen parent well..she not only runs a major magazine while raising a child, dresses with great style, but she also snow boards and mountain bikes.. who doesn’t in Aspen?

Fashion Notes: Dress by Michael Kors, Aviator Sunglasses by Ray Ban, and jewelry from Pitkin County Dry Goods.