I Only Buy Trail Mix for the M&M’s.


Ferry Building. San Francisco. February 2017.

I love Patagonia, on kids. Neal had the cutest little Patagonia vest. The vest was a hand me down, it reminded me of Vermont, and rich hippies from liberal colleges in the Northeast. I had a Patagonia jacket in College, a friend from Rhode Island gave it to her Miami friend, to maybe fit in a little more in preppy Boston. I used to wear it on all my plane rides, it kept me warm and I felt like a boarding school kid, who hiked on the weekends, and kept trail mix in my back pack. But the thing is, we all know I’m the person who buys trail mix purely for the M&M’s, it’s not as embarrassing to buy trail mix as it is to buy king size M&M’s.

Currently, I love seeing Patagonia on guys with a John F. Kennedy Jr./Ben Harper style sensibility, who know when to wear a Patagonia jacket and when to opt for a jacket that would look weird on an outdoor trek. You get my point. And If you are going to go with an outdoor brand, Patagonia is a company with integrity and a cool factor.


This mom’s style is casual and functional. It’s not always about looking like you are prancing down a runway. She’s running after a toddler, and he’s fast.


Flannels are everywhere, thank you Kurt Cobain..90’s style is everywhere.



She’s wearing highlighter are the apples of her cheeks and eyes, this is a hot make-up trend now – I’ve been using RMS Beauty Master Mixer, www.rmsbeauty.com – this product is all natural, created by a veteran make-up artist. You’ll glow!!


Patagonia Doesn’t Make You a Better Hiker….


Me. Roy’s Redwoods. Marin County. January 2015.


So I wore this at a birthday party in the Redwoods last week. I know, I’m very practical and when it comes to clothing it’s all about function and comfort… obviously not, my moccasins were horrible shoes to trek through mud and water – my exposed legs brushed up against poison oak, to which I neurotically had a mom get me a baby wipe to remove all traces of the “so called” poison. The other parents at the party, were so much more prepared, but they did not judge me  – they merely helped navigate me, due to my poor choice in shoe attire…

In actuality, I am surprisingly outdoorsy  – it’s more because I don’t care if I get dirty.  My close friend, who I will protect by not using names, once made fun of my ankle boot choice to hike up a mountain in Ireland. She was decked out in top to bottom Patagonia – she had a vest and then a jacket to go over the vest, hiking boots and a monogrammed back pack. I was less embarrassed to be seen with her in Ireland, it was in Paris where I made her walk 10 feet behind me – come on, she was wearing head to toe fleece!!!

I was prepared for this hike, dressed in all black, with lots of accessories and heels, this friend mocked my outfit and my ability to actually hike.  I kept repeating that I did the teenage version of “Outward Bound” – she laughed and laughed. Let’s just say it all ended in my favor, I ran up that mountain – and “someone” had to stop several times to catch her breath.  Apparently, wearing Patagonia doesn’t make you a better hiker, it just makes you look like a better hiker…

My point in all this..I may not look the part..but maybe, just maybe..I actually can play the part…..


I’m Bringing Sexy Back Marin, Help Me. Haute HuffPost.


Mara. Marin County, 2014. Fashion Shot: Eric Tabora

Fashion Notes: Boots: Miss Sixty, Bag: Colombian Mochila, Shorts: Vintage Levi’s

“…Let’s just say, it was Saturday night. I saw all of you, and those hot bodies were hidden beneath layers of fleece. It was appalling…” Click below to read my piece. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/im-bringing-sexy-back-mar_b_6226334.html?utm_hp_ref=san-francisco&ir=San+Francisco

Don’t Ever Call Me a Soccer Mom. Glamour on the Field.


Fashion Notes: Jacket: North Face, Workout Pants: Lululemon, Fanny Pack: 1990’s GAP, Striped Top: Max Mara (from my mom’s closet, I cut about half the shirt), Glasses: borrowed from Neal’s 11 year old friend, they say SF Giants on the side, Boots: Hunter, Hair: Sonja from Christopher Salon in Mill Valley.

I realize i’ve made comments poking fun of Marin County such as, “why is everyone dressed like they are about to embark on a white water adventure?”.  I know it seems mean, but it’s based on pure truthful observation.  In Marin County, Patagonia, North Face and L.L. Bean are the designer brands.  Rare does one spot Chanel, Marni and Chloe – but beneath those outdoor jackets, you will find luxury labels.

My son Neal is on a traveling soccer team, it’s fun we explore towns in areas unfamiliar, and socialize with other parents.  Since my socializing has been a little “distracting”, the team forces me to sit in a “special” seat during games.  They claim it’s for “VIP” moms with fabulous style, but I know it’s the same chair used to calm kids down with ADD – I am onto their scheme.

The clothing for these “soccer affairs” is quite confusing -it’s cold, it’s hot, it rains – -you never know. So naturally, I got my hair blown out for this glamorous weekend and dressed like the rest of the Marin bunch.  I decided to be functional and not make a pattern with my heels across the soccer field.  I even (gasp) wore a North Face jacket and Lululemon yoga pants, in combination.  My son Neal believes my North Face jacket is a children’s size, and likes to laugh at its size..he’s wrong, it’s supposed to be short and fitted.

I was comfortable all day in this look, and even with big name brands  — I think I pulled off something cool – “Soccer mom Style”.  The Fanny Pack, tight pants, Hunter rain boots and cropped jacket is a little sporty – and the hair, Max Mara top and Gold dangly earrings offer my Mara glamour I desire daily – – -it’s a little Jennifer Lopez  –

See..we can even bring style on the soccer field – just be a little creative, and add some glamour.

Haute Soccer. Land of “hip” Beer Drop-Off.

DSC_1139DSC_1141Courtney. Lagunitas, California. April 2014.

Courtney grew up in Seattle, where she claims people dress for comfort and weather- – -can you imagine? I know.  I also was shocked.  Brands like North Face, Lands End and Patagonia rule the fashion scene.  But as I analyzed Courtney’s comments, and went to a much deeper fashion place..I realized Courtney grew up in an important city responsible for one of the most talked about period in fashion history..GRUNGE.

In the 1990’s, the entire fashion industry took cue and designed complete collections based on what was on the streets and music clubs in Seattle.  And more amazing is that Seattle is still impacting fashion, open any magazine, walk around any cosmopolitan city..and Grunge is everywhere.  Personally, I adore this look.

As most of you know, I have issue looking tailored and totally put together.  Like my personality, messy is just me..I look unkempt naturally (wild wavy hair), so why not go with what suits me? So I am thrilled that a city like Seattle loosened up the “perfect” styles that sauntered down the runways, and made way for high end designers to create ripped Jeans at a price of $400.00 –  the more distressed the garment, the higher the price tag.

My advice before word gets out, run to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or local used clothing store and grab the grungy looks before the “people” catch on!!

This photo was taken in a cool area outside of San Francisco, Lagunitas.  Most of you know the beer Lagunitas, and this is the town it’s brewed.  Lagunitas is a true hippie area, gorgeous nature, lots of bearded men, small local stores and a real sense of community.  People i’ve met who grew up in this town, seem to have parents who are musicians, and were raised on a tour bus part of their lives..

Most of them continue to ask ME tons of questions about my wild childhood being raised by an accountant and a social worker – – -They don’t even know how crazy my house got, family meetings to discuss our feelings and if you threw away a receipt, whoa you were dead meat – my dad needed those..all of them.

Good day friends..am I funny? I think so.

Fashion Notes: hooded white washed jean/sweatshirt jacket: Free People, Pants: Lululemon Studio Pants, Gray Moccasins: Minnetonka, T-shirt: Gap, Sunglasses: Giorgio Armani. Kid: vintage soccer jacket

Haute Artist. Surfer. Dad. Weekend Soccer Drop-Off.


Ton. Artist. Residential Designer. Surfer. Dad. Fairfax, California. October 2013.

Ton, a naturally handsome dude with natural style.  Ton enjoys quality in the materials he chooses for his art and when working on designing a home, this also is apparent in the clothing he wears.  An avid surfer, Ton picks fabric warm enough to throw on after a surf session in the gorgeous, but chilly Bay Area waters.

Fashion Notes: Chocolate leather Swedish clogs by Troentorps, http://www.troentorpsclogs.com/, I worship these! Jacket: Patagonia, www.patagonia.com most of you know I don’t consider “outdoor brands” fashion, but more utilitarian.  Ton wears it well, and there is something about seeing a Patagonia jacket which brings back memories of my Boston college days and many West Coast outdoor adventures sleeping in tents on a sandy beach and hiking to the most gorgeous mountain peaks.  His Irish School Boy Cap, a great accessory to bring it all together.