Feeling Exposed, My Workout Style…


Fashion Notes: Minnetonka moccasins, Lululemon Boogie shorts, Bag purchased in Barcelona, Uniqlo puffy jacket in navy.

I’ve come to the realization that I actually am that person, that “mom” who wears workout clothing every day – even without working out. Is it the support of the spandex, which offers me comfort? Whatever it may be, I still get stopped quite frequently (don’t roll your eyes), complimenting me on my different looks. It always surprises me, because I’m not even wearing proper clothing. If I lived in NYC, London or Paris – no chance I would spend my days in leggings..but I live somewhere, where it’s more acceptable. But it does get boring staring at a sea of Patagonia jackets and Lululemon leggings, and of course “reasonable” sneakers.  So once again, I put together a few looks on what I wear to make my workout clothing sexier, cooler and most importantly stylish.

So these looks are exaggerated, I’m sucking in and only showing you my best angles..When I leave the gym, I change – I add accessories, change my shoes etc.. I know it’s gross that I don’t shower, but who has time?  For more of my workout style tips..http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/how-to-be-a-style-icon-in_b_4898418.html


Fashion Notes: Vintage GAP fanny pack (don’t be jealous), North Face cropped Jacket, Michael Stars Tank (but badly by me), Bangles by Shandi Levy Jewelry & India, Alternative Leggings



Fashion Notes: Adidas slides, Chloe T-shirt, Leggings from TJ Max, Chanel Classic bag, Ralph Lauren vintage blue blazer (courtesy of one of my brother’s Bar Mitzvah’s), Door Knocker Earrings from Amazon, Socks??

Yes, Adidas slides are cool! The Adidas slides have been huge in Paris for a while now, especially worn with skirts. The problem for me, is that most people don’t know or care about style..so they see me walking around with socks and slides, and assume I’m a lunatic – which I am, but I also have a “look” – which usually is appreciated in cities like Paris and NYC. I once had an outfit on, and my Step-Father thought it was quite funny looking – as we walked down Madison, a man in a taxi had the taxi pull over, and asked me if I would appear in his boyfriend’s fashion show..”you are fierce”, he said to me. Validation baby!!


Fashion Notes: Leggings from REI, by North Face, Vintage GAP fanny pack, Tribal leather jacket, Chanel Bag, Elizabeth & James Tank


Fashion Notes: Miu Miu bag (it’s so huge, I can’t find anything), Marc Jacobs jean skirt, Chloe top, Uniqlo puffy, Armani aviators

I basically re-wear the same things over and over – but try to mix things up, to not seem like such a repeater – but I do a terrible job. I’m a lover of bags and earrings, so that’s my way of making my look a little less boring.


I realize most of you aren’t running around in cropped shirts – and my style may be influenced by Miami – but style is about having fun – and NO JUDGMENTS!!

Fashion Shots by T. Palmer


Parisians think Brooklyn Style is HAUTE


Thomas Palauqui. Marin Country Mart. Marin County. February 2016.

Is Thomas from Brooklyn or Paris? It’s unclear, and I’m onto something here. Parisian men are influenced by Brooklyn style, and do it well.. the American urban style mixed with Parisian tailoring is an alluring combination. Thomas is dressed quite casually, but he’s given his look some thought…and yes, he’s French.

Vogue wrote about Brooklyn’s street style and its influence on Parisian men…. http://www.vogue.com/13354833/paris-brooklyn-men-street-style/


Thomas is General Manager of Monsieur Benjamin, http://www.monsieurbenjamin.com a modern Parisian restaurant and bar in San Francisco.


Thomas isn’t wearing any French designers, he’s in American designs -but Thomas puts them together in a very French manner. From the collar up to his chic diaper bag (aka man diaper bag).

Fashion Notes: Jean Jacket: GAP 1969, Pants & Sweater: J.Crew, Kicks: New Balance, Sunglasses: Ray Ban


See guys, you don’t always have to hem your pants..they look cool a little loose…


I always love a pair of old school New Balance sneakers..it’s a good option, if you are confused which sneakers to buy..always go simple.


Bag: Ika Bags Paris. A very cool looking bag to carry diapers.

Haute METS Style.

Mets 1

Prepping for the Met’s game with a walk through Central Park.


Besides panicking that I would get hit by a baseball throughout the game, I have to say I’ve become a little bit of a Met’s fan. So maybe I’ve been slightly judgmental when it comes to team sports and the human fashion cloning thats occurs among the fans. I admit I was wrong, well at least when it comes to baseball.

My mother took us to our first Met’s game last week, and it was actually really fun. Yes, she got great seats at a club level with nice bathrooms..but that’s not the point. Not only was it fun, I felt like I was accepted into this fun community, they sang together, cheered and caught balls. The crowd was passionate, yet respectful..

My seat in particular was the only seat that had a leak from the ceiling falling directly on my head..so I asked for a little help, and quickly we were moved to better seats with amazing cushions. Even after I told Vinny, the manager, that I’m from Miami (they were playing the Marlin’s).


First Met’s Game as a Papi…. Citi Field. Queens. April 2015.

Mets 5


Had to capture this woman. She looked so chic in a sea of Met’s jersey’s and fan wear. Her outfit, she explained was intentional, but she threw on the blue hoody to ensure she was in Met’s colors.  I love the look of this flowing red dress with a sweatshirt – it’s something you would see on the streets of Paris.

And most of you know that the color red, attracts attention – it has been researched and written about….


Here, a little boy pushes a grocery cart with his father filled with recycled cans/bottles from the game. it’s 11:00 at night, and this father is working hard to support his family, all while demonstrating to his son an incredible work ethic.

Betsey. Playboy. Paris. Models. Famed Photographer. Haute.


Bronwyn Chovel. Paris, France. July 2014. Mom. Model. Artist Rep.

Fashion Notes: Dress: Besty Johnson, Sandals: Purchased in Greece, Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Bronwyn’s little girl is wearing a hand smocked cotton dress.

Bronwyn is not Parisian – she actually hails from Miami, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bronwyn has been modeling for years, and currently with all her experience as a client, is representing artists.  One of her clients is famed photographer, Greg Lotus who currently shot the cover of the August Playboy. Greg’s work can be seen in Vogue, W, Vanity Fair, Out etc.. Bronwyn is surrounded by the creative, after being in the fashion industry modeling for years – – – I want to hang out with Bronwyn and Greg for a few hours!!

I spotted Bronwyn (even though we had been connected through several people) at a famed Mill Valley spot, The Sweetwater Music Hall.  It was a week day morning, and a beautiful, chic and sophisticated woman sat sipping coffee at the bar.  Bronwyn has that I’m “somebody” model look, but not in an offensive way – because it’s all unintentional.  Bronwyn is sweet, kind and hails from a family filled with loving, fun people –

Now back to Bronwyn’s dress – – -Betsey Johnson and I have been best friends for years, ever since I would sift through her sales basket in her Coconut Grove Store (which has been closed for years).  I’m lying, but in my imagination Betsey and I were great friends.  She did cart wheels at the end of all her runway shows, and I once exchanged words with her cool daughter, Lulu when I was living in NYC working in fashion.

My passion for Betsey was formed early in my fashion development.  I actually wore a Betsey Johnson plaid, punk looking dress to every Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera and debutante coming out party  -remember I grew up in Miami, we had lots of parties from the age of 12-16.  I knew most of the salespeople in the Miami store, only because I felt it was okay to hang around the store as it were a contemporary art museum…looking, but not purchasing any of the great works.

The women in the Miami store were gorgeous – after all, it was Miami.  They weren’t totally hip, like their Colombus Avenue counterparts.  But Miami salespeople, made Betsey Johnson clothing damn sexy..and as inappropriate as it sounds now, that 11 year old child wanted to look just like them.  I promised myself, I would one day work at Betsey Johnson.

Betsey’s clothing was a combination of funky, sexy, cool and didn’t follow any particular seasonal trend.  Even at 11, I could spot a Betsey Johnson garment – – she stuck to her fashion ideals, and continued to be unique.  I never did get that job at BetseyJohnson, but always appreciate how her clothing somehow, made me feel passionate and excited to be a part of the crazy, artistic world of fashion – – even if her stores didn’t take returns (store credit).

I know Betsey still does cartwheels at the end of all her runway shows – -She makes fashion fun and lighthearted – – As is should be. Here’s a shot of Bronwyn is the ocean – looking chic in a black bikini and you can peak at her discreet tattoo.



Haute Istanbul. How Much for the Teeny Tiny Chanel Bag?


Istanbul, Turkey. June 2014.

My mom travels a great deal, and even though she is more on the reserved end of the spectrum – she comes through for her daughter, and gets me some great shots.

The bright colors of the head scarves are gorgeous..I wouldn’t be surprised if they are designed by Hermes…I love how this mother is not only chic, but her young daughter equally so, with her dress and sophisticated jacket.  This photo reminds me of Muslim women in Paris, totally covered but dripping in designer accessories, Chanel bags, Louboutin shoes and Hermes head scarves.

Last year, I walked into Chanel on Rue Royale in Paris hoping to purchase a small bag i’ve been coveting.  I looked for a sales person to show me the handbag.. I noticed a line of bags, about 20 on the glass counter…with no pause, this woman dressed in what seemed to be a burka, and gorgeous scarf, announced “I will take them all”.  “Take them all?” I thought, as I pondered whether I should buy something material for such a large sum..I left with nothing that morning, while this woman left in the Chanel private store Mercedes filled with 20 hand bags, well 21.  Because in my feeling bad that the bag I loved will sit lonely on  a store shelf, I convinced her to add this “reasonably priced” bag to her collection…If I couldn’t enjoy it, someone should.

So maybe because she saves on clothes, her money goes to accessories? No, I don’t think so.  Because underneath her Burka, I imagine is a full designer outfit, probably with the tags of Celine and Balenciaga.

Wether it’s designer or a creative combination of clothing and accessories, It’s just exciting to see how people dress all over the world-  you can learn so much about religion and culture, all by mere observation.

Thanks Barbara (mama) for the fashion shot!!

How to Accessorize a “cheap” Sundress..


How to make a cheap sundress look cool..you mix it up, that’s how…

Fashion Notes: Oversized clutch: 1980’s Vintage, Wedges: no704b, Necklace: handmade in Paris, Gold Chain: Neiman Marcus, Earrings: Target, Sunglasses: Polaroid

I call this my “Miami Bohemian get up”