White Kicks still ‘HAUTE’ on the Street..


Los Angeles. November 2015.


Did they mean to match? It was hard to communicate with this catalog looking family, because they didn’t speak english – but we managed to work it out.


So white sneakers are still HAUTE. Here’s New York Magazines take on the subject, http://nymag.com/thecut/2015/05/the-white-sneaker-trend-is-not-over.html#


Europe in Miami. Overall Haute.


Paulina and Jade. Coral Gables, Florida.  December 2014.

Paulina lives in Brussels, and is in Miami visiting family.

Fashion Notes: Overalls: Hollister, Cardigan: Painori, Shoes: Bensimon, T-shirt: American Eagle. Watch: Hermes. Jade is wearing all Baby Gap

Iphone Shots. Miami. Brooklyn. San Francisco. Marin.


Miami. Marin County. San Francisco. Brooklyn. 2014.

I realize the bad quality of the photographs, but I wanted to show these stylin’ parents. I love traveling and admiring the fashion of each place.  I don’t know if this is a real “hobby”, but observing humanity is my greatest love – actually participating in human interaction, while capturing style…. yup, that’s it.

Love to you all. Happy Friday. xxxx Mara