Bootlegs and Lace at Gymnastics Drop-Off

Bootlegs and Lace

Melissa and Callie. South Miami. May 2013. Body by Cross Fit.

Melissa, a native New Yorker has made Miami her home.  Melissa loves animals and currently has two German Shepards, a Yorkie and a Chocolate Lab..all rescue dogs.  She is constantly pulling over to save animals and looking for loving homes to adopt them. Unfortunately, many of these dogs are actually not lost and in a gated backyard (we are working on explaining this to Melissa)

Melissa has a natural ablity to nurture, listen and give great advice. She has a Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and has furthered her education by becoming an I/O Consultant and Certified Life Coach.  For me, it’s awesome, because Melissa has been my life coach for years, all gratis..(oh no, she better not charge me for the years of dealing with my never ending monologues)