This Mama can Rock a Crop-Top….


Lorraine. Miami, Florida. December 2015.

How adorable is this mom. Love her style


Fashion Notes: Pants: Lululemon, Hawaiian inspired crop-top: Vintage store on the Haight in San Francisco, Shoes: Splendid, hat: Nordstrom, Bag: MCM


We all know that not a day goes by with out me thinking about my amazing denim MCM jacket with the logos and the gold buttons. It was stolen, and I only hope that the person who took it  -appreciates it as much as I did.  MCM is very popular again. I’m a huge fan of going old school with head to toe MCM – it looks amazing. I was raised to think that was tacky,  but sometimes “tacky” is hip. www.mcm,com


Crop-tops are so possible friends. High waisted pants and a loose fitting mid-driff blouse, is flattering  – even without a flat stomach.


Little bows on these feminine Splendid sandals


Love a masculine, big faced watch.



Heels. Tight Jeans. Croissants. So Haute.


Stacia. M.H.Bread and Butter Bakery. Marin County, California. 2015.


I spotted Stacia on a weekday morning wearing high heels and tight jeans, all while balancing coffee and a kid. This is a rare sighting in the cute town of San Anselmo in Northern California.  I wasn’t surprised to learn Stacia had just moved to Marin County from San Francisco…and I was quite happy to see a mom making a solid effort, early on a weekday.

M.H. Bakery, is my go to spot to write and eat “breakfast pastries”. I know, I probably shouldn’t be eating pastries so frequently, but I feel so Parisian, sitting in a cafe sipping coffee…how do they stay so thin again?


Fashion Notes: Tank: Halogen from Nordstrom, Sweater: H&M, Jeans: Joie, Wedges: Banana Republic, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

A little advice – jeans should be REALLY fitted! Especially if you don’t have an ample back side.

Most recently, Stacia worked at POPSUGAR, a lifestyle, pop-culture site. 


Cheap Dress, Two Ways. Mara’s Picks.


Mara. Marin County. March 2015.

Fashion Notes: Dress: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Chanel, Heels: Pour la Victoire, Jacket: Uniqlo,, Earrings: Door Knockers bought on Amazon

I bought this dress on the sale rack, when I walked into Urban Outfitters in search of a fanny pack that was out of stock on line – I wish this weren’t true. But it is – I still am into fanny packs. The dress was probably like $20, and I knew I could hook it up with amazing accessories. Clothing is fabric and is so easy to make stylish..all with accessories and a little creativity.


I admit I don’t feel totally comfortable in these socks.  But it doesn’t stop me from showing you how to pull them off. This look with the heels is really something I would only wear at night, on the corner, looking for a date..I’m only kidding. My Bags and shoes are the most expensive part of this look.


I suggest wearing a longer skirt to show a peak of skin between the socks and end of the skirt. This gap for me is fine, but if you want to show less skin – go for something right above the sock line.


The jacket open.


I’m more comfortable negotiating these socks pushed down with ankle boots. A long jacket is amazing over a short dress – it keeps things balanced. And in a city, with wind and walking – something needs to protect you from the dress/wind situation.

Fashion Notes: Dress: Urban Outfitters, Boots: The Frye Company,, Jean Jacket: Zara,, Sunglasses: Polaroid from Nordstrom,


And lowering the socks changes the entire look.


I wear this combo day and night – fashion is exciting and can be outrageous. But no matter how much I love fashion, I tend to put on what feels most comfortable. I am not into feeling awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin for the sake of fashion.


Still Going Strong. Me on Backpack Love.

Mara Backpack 1 mara backpack 2     mara army 1Mara Prada 1

Fashion Shots: Barbara Myers

“My eyes lit up: was this my mom, or a fashion-forward fairy in disguise? I untied the bag and inside was a little nylon backpack with an oversized no-name logo glued (more like super glued) onto its back pocket.  I knew it was a horrible knockoff of what I really wanted, but no matter..”

Fashion Notes: Backpack: Prada,  and Vintage Army, Leggings: Target,, Cuff: Nordstrom,, Glasses: Chanel,, Kicks: Converse, Jean Jacket: Free People,, Gray Heels: Zara,

Click on the link below to read the rest of my piece..

Fringe. Leather. Denim. Haute Drop-Off Marin.


Liz. Marin County, California. May 2014.

Fashion Notes: Jeans: Free People, Pink Floyd T-Shirt: Burn Out Vintage, Wedges: Tom’s, Handbag and Motorcycle Jacket: Nordstrom

Liz is an avid shopper, I mean this woman has major skills in finding what she wants.  She liked a pair of my bellbottoms and called every Free People across the US to find the pair she desired…and she succeeded.  Great Cali style on this mom.



Haute Weekend Ice Cream Drop-Off


Leanne. Doctor. Mom. Coral Gables, Florida. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Top: Velvet from Pitkin County Dry Goods in Aspen, Jeans: Lucky Brand, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Necklace: Aspen Farmers Market vendor, Handbag: borrowed from me (mara) is vintage Coach purchased at Lola’s in Fairfax, CA, with an added gold chain taken off one of my mother’s cool clutches.  Earrings: Stella & Dot, Brown boots: Bed Stu Boots found at Nordstrom or Zappos.

Bed Stu is a company named after the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant, an area that is filled with amazing history and soul, now it’s seeing a lot of changes a long with many neighborhoods in Brooklyn, becoming a hipster haven.  Hopefully, BedStuy will remain a place where the original residents are not affected by high rents and all that comes with gentrification.

Since Leanne is a doctor and mother of two, when she is in Aspen, where she spends a good amount of time with her family, she has time to shop.

The town of Aspen is great for avid shoppers, small family owned stores with unique finds and bigger more price friendly stores like J.Crew and Gap rub elbows with luxury boutiques such as Prada and Louis Vuitton.  Not to mention, Aspen is a fun fashion sightseeing city.



Haute New Year 2014. Gold. Denim. Hair. Drop-Off gets Urban.


Mara. Poolside in Coral Gables, Florida. January 2014.

I wanted to wish you all a really Happy New Year.  The sign I am holding, held unintentionally upside down by me, was so humorous, I decided to refrain from editing.  I hope all of us have a year filled with new experiences, great health, happiness and an acceptance that things are upside down sometimes, which can make life more fun!!

Fashion Notes: I am channeling my urban early 1990’s look, denim shirt by Banana Republic which I cut in half to crop, Shorts: American Apparel  – they make great high waisted and super short shorts for those that love em’ short, handbag: Mochila from Colombia, earrings: streets vender in Soho, and kicks are by Ash, purchased at Consign of the Times in Miami, Rings: vintage from my and amethyst. Sunglasses: Giorgio Armani from Nordstrom. I am also wearing 4 gold vintage bangles given to my by my mother and grandmother.  I’ve decided I am going to wear my special stuff, and enjoy it, instead of leaving it in a safe…jewelry should be worn and enjoyed, otherwise it’s pointless.  It’s special to know i’m wearing the same bracelet my mom rocked in the 80’s or my grandmother in the 60’s.

Thank you for being fans of Haute Drop-Off.  2014 will bring more Haute style and Haute writing from me..thanks for the love.. wishing you all lots of love and kisses.


Here is a photo from Marie Claire this month, this is a look that I love. Denim and Gold with amazing hair and red lips.. The 1990’s is really influencing the runway now, hair is bigger or braided, but not big like the 80’s and not braided like the 90’s.  Braids are tight and take influence from urban neighborhoods where girls sport cornrows and braids.  The big hair is wavy and wild, it’s even half up to make it higher, but remember this is not like 80’s huge hair.  My photo is a very low-key version of this look, just for hanging out at the pool with the kids.  But look for me with my cornrows and huge gold earrings and lots’o denim this year….