Haute Punk. Chelsea Flea.

Chelsea. NYC. Summer 2017.

While I was walking around, in and out of the Gay Pride Parade, I stopped at Chelsea Flea Market. This man, who has been a fixture for so many years in Chelsea, has become known for his Punk style. New York City is made up of small neighborhoods, and like any small town, you get to know the locals.

I want that leather vest – – “G-D save the queen”

My mom used to put me in tiny plaid, pleated skirts – still love them, because they can be so East Coast preppy, and so Punk. It’s all about the accessories.



Sporty and Sexy. Mexico City Drop-Off. Caliente.


Jan. Mexico City. May 2014.

Fashion Notes: cropped football jersey: Zara, knit sweatpants: Oysho, Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators, Kicks: custom made New Balance, messenger bag: Balenciaga

Just want to say I love the red custom made sneakers..as most of you know, I take issue with ugly sneakers.  I have no idea if these are insanely expensive, but according to Jan, they do two things: one the red wards off the evil eye and two: she looks stylish.  Fashion and spirituality in one shoe..wow!!

The moms at Mexico City drop-off, like many Latin cultures look like knock outs, even at 8:00 am.  Since I grew up in Miami, I also am so influenced by Latin roots.  And it’s funny, because living in Northern California has reminded me once again, that outside of Miami, I stick out like a gold disco ball..

Jan is an ex-pat living in Mexico City, raising three kids.  Mexico City is one of the most populated cities in the world.  Like New York, Mexico City is a party for your eyes – especially for those who love people watching.  The very fashionable in Mexico City, heir on the side of designer pieces.

Jan loves designing – prior to motherhood, Jan’s jewelry collection was sold at THE one and only Bergdorf Goodman.  Her creative aspirations continue with a line of designer pillow using traditional Mexican fabrics.  She’s been gifting them to friends, but soon enough they will be for sale.