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Seth and Sydney.

Seth is an actor, www.sethmenachem.com and founder of www.mysinglepeeps.com. Sick of his single friends asking him to “hook them up”, he decided to lay it all out on the line by revealing their positive and negative qualities in his funny writing style for prospective suitors to read.  He also has a number of brilliantly hysterical videos that will make you laugh, and are great for one of those days you might be feeling down, www.sethandavi.com.

Yes, Seth is my brother, and while he used to HATE shopping, he now is a style icon to his   group of friends. You can tell when you see them together how he’s influenced his group.  If you watch his video, entitled “Double Date” you will hear Seth and his friend, Avi, discuss their shopping adventures. I love jean jackets on guys, something about them remind me of a mix between working class and 1950’s style.  A pea coat is always a classic jacket to  have in your closet–and to see it layered on top of a jean jacket is a great, fresh take on the look.

Check out Seth’s stuff–you can see him all over your television; usually it’s in a national commercial drinking beer, eating a frozen pizza or driving a cool car…. Cool Dad. Cool Style. Seth Menachem. Haute Drop-Off.