Selling My Clothing on the Haight…


My new friend Nancy invited me to accompany her while she sold clothing on Haight Street in San Francisco.  I’ve never sold my clothing, but love a new experience.  I gathered clothing still in a box from the move, and met my New York transplanted friend to embark on a true exercise in good old San Francisco recycling – only this time, I may actually get cash!

One by one, the nice guy at Buffalo Exchange went through my pile.  With an apologetic tone, he rejected most of it.  Surprisingly he accepted an ugly, never worn pair of shiny, patent leather Kate Spade shoes.  What intrigued me most, was how the items were being accepted and rejected.  What’s the formula? Is it based on a complex software program, or just natural instinct?

I can tell you, he took a lot of my tops, which I had to explain were considered dresses, at least to me.  And then he tallied up my total…..$45.00!! Not bad, I grabbed it and spent $60 at a vintage shop across the street.

I love strolling the second hand shops on the Haight in San Francisco..I get kind of kooky and excited.  Shopping for anything old – is my thing.  I like to search and hunt for an amazing find.  It’s part of my creative process, and I truly mean that.

I scored a 1950’s red with gold hardware belt (shown) and a funky bracelet. School pick-up stopped me from further purchases….until next time.

Fashion Notes: 1950’s vintage belt bought on Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco at Mystery Mister, Jeans: Genetic Denim purchases at At Ease Miami, Gold high tops: Ash, Bag: Miu Miu, Bag Strap: Prada

Retro Haute Drop-Off. El Camino Baby.

unnamedMara. May 2014. Marin County, California.

Who doesn’t love the cool look of an El Camino? It’s a truck and a car – all in one.  Now, if I dropped my kids off in this ride, I would be totally stylin’ and very California.

Fashion Notes: Bag: Miu Miu, Strap: Prada, Denim Shirt: Banana Republic, cut by me, Car: El Camino, Wedge Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita

Haute Post Workout. Mara’s tips in HuffPost.


San Rafael, California. February 2014. Fashion Shot by Barb Myers

“Many of you love to poke fun of mostly mothers who wear workout clothing all day, and begin to look like one another.  Look, we all are squeezing a lot in our days, and showering and/or changing is asking a lot, isn’t it? Or is it more the thought of someone seeming like all they do is workout, and having the luxury of such choice…we can discuss that in another forum :)…

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Mara’s Winter Workout Style.

unnamed-1Marin County. Vintage Wagon. Shot by Barb Myers.

Fashion Notes: Pants: Lululemon, Jacket: Uniqlo, Kicks: Japanese brand, Oversized Bag: Miu Miu, Aviators: Chanel, Earrings: Target

The Uniqlo Jacket is one of the best purchases (under $100) I’ve ever made.  In San Francisco, where you are hot and need a place to put your jacket.  This Uniqlo jacket is so light, and folds into the size of a pair of socks – – I can squeeze it in any bag.  Obviously, doesn’t take much to excite me – but this is just function and fashion.

Red is a color we should all wear, it’s powerful and looks great..I hear it gets a lot of attention from the “eyes”.  My hair is braided, which helps while I’m doing “downward dog” – -enjoy friends. Remember, working out doesn’t mean you have to look boring – spice it up!!


Espana Style. Haute Miami Drop-Off.


Alisa. Architect. Designer. Mom. South Miami, Florida. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Red Wedges: Pour la Victoire, Rolled up Denim: AG, Gold Studded Belt: Linea Pelle, Top: James Perse, Time Keeper: Michelle, Leather Cuff: purchased in Spain, Pocketbook: Miu Miu

My friend Alisa has great style, a hint of slight, small accessories that make her look.  She’s American, but has a European way..from the way she shops, quality not quantity to the way she eats…she sits down for all her meals and takes pleasure in each bite.  And then of course her design work,

Her cuff from Spain so cool, my mom and step-father brought me an amazing bohemian bag from Spain and huge gold earrings…love them.  Barcelona and Madrid are filled with style on the streets and in the shops.  Growing up in Miami, we knew many kids from Spain, the boys were preppy with that cool European look and the girls had natural style with great jewelry and leather back packs.  Alisa’s red wedges give her look that European flair….