Glowing & Haute in Ojai. (and my attempt at “hippie”)


Sarah. Ojai, California. 2015.

A California mama in Ojai – relaxed, non-complicated, smiling…It’s all very California, even in the way Sarah is dressed – a floppy hat reminiscent of the 70’s, her shiny straight hair, striped fitted dress and an authentic smile… I’ll never look this easy breezy  – right?

There is a difference in style between LA, which is always on point, very sexy and laid back bohemian – but in places like Ojai and Joshua Tree, the style seems to be vintage, and the period 1970’s. I think it’s funny that when people visit Joshua Tree, they even pack like they are headed to a music festival or the original Woodstock.  I’ve attempted this look, but I always come out looking Miami.. like this:


Shot of me by T. Palmer.

Fashion Notes: Boots: Miss Sixty, Skirt: Zara, Top: vintage & designed knitted by my mama, Bag: Dooney & Bourke 1980 Bucket Bag, Cocktail Ring: Vintage Paris, Earrings: Shandi Levy Jewelry

I’m going to New York City tomorrow, and I haven’t packed – but I know, my suitcase will be filled with much more cool looking and funkier clothing then I wear in California. When I’m in NYC, I pull out my real style and feel like I can get away with anything – it’s so fun. This week I think I may even wear my Adidas high tops all day – and leave the heels at home. CRAAAAAZZZZYYYY!!

Shots by Angela Izzo, – photographer, artist, filmmaker. Instagram





I’m Bringing Sexy Back Marin, Help Me. Haute HuffPost.


Mara. Marin County, 2014. Fashion Shot: Eric Tabora

Fashion Notes: Boots: Miss Sixty, Bag: Colombian Mochila, Shorts: Vintage Levi’s

“…Let’s just say, it was Saturday night. I saw all of you, and those hot bodies were hidden beneath layers of fleece. It was appalling…” Click below to read my piece.

Fashion is Deep. Mara feeling Nostalgic at Drop-Off.


Mara. San Rafael, California. October 2014.

Fashion Shot: Tiphani Palmer

As pretentious as it may sound, my clothing tells a story – I remember each piece and it brings back a memory.  Most likely, because I get excited when I find something cool..whether it’s at a fancy store, a flea market, Goodwill or my Mama’s closet. Because everyone is trying to replicate my style (ha ha), I get asked frequently, “Mara, where do you shop?” – it could be more, “Mara, where do you shop!!!” – the answer is everywhere..I don’t usually have an intention to buy clothing or accessories, it happens when I’m just out in daily life.

What i’m wearing in this photo is an example of my “multi-faceted” approach to fashion.  This sweater, knitted by my mother in the 1960’s is one of my favorite sweaters. And it happens to be “in” right now..I love that it’s fitted and has a preppy/hippie vibe – like I should be laying on the quad at Andover, watching my friends play Rugby. The bucket bag was purchased at a thrift store in Aspen for $25.00.  I remember that day so well, as I spotted this amazing find and made sure no one else beat me to the “bucket” bag. The boots, although a little big, are Miss Sixty purchased at a local consignment store in Marin County, awesomely named Sax.  

Fashion is fun, unique, creative and deep – every time I wear this knitted sweater, I picture my beautiful mama with her long brown hair, and gorgeous lashes in the 1960’s knitting this sweater  -a sweater that one day her daughter would wear. See? Fashion bridges generations.

Fashion Notes: Skirt: Zara, Boots: Miss Sixty, Jewelry: beaded bracelet: Emporium Miami and earrings and bangles: Shandi Levy Jewelry, Sweater: My Mama, Handbag: Dooney&Bourke circa 1980’s and Aviators: Polaroid