Matt’s so Rad. Pro-Skater. Hot Dad.

Pro-Skater Matt Field and his son. Mill Valley, California. May 2017.

I’ve known Matt for a few years now, he’s an incredible skater -he’s one of these people who’s totally aware of his physical presence. Matt is a skateboarder, a professional -so no matter what, like a rock star, Matt will always have cool props. An avid Yogi, Matt continues to test himself physically.

Let’s talk about Matt’s style;

I’ve never seen Matt not look stylin’ – never. And I’m not surprised that Matt designed a line of skater shoes – these maybe from that line. Matt’s arms are ripped (as the kids say), and that is all YOGA baby! (too bad I can’t even lift my own body weight)..meaning he looks amazing in tank tops. When I talk about style, it’s a creative outcome for me..not in a pretentious way – like Matt here, he just has style – he gets dressed quickly, but has an eye for what looks cool. He takes risks, and that’s what we all see.

When I photograph someone with an incredible fashion sense, it’s exciting – it’s like looking at art – only in human form.  Check out Matt’s look below;

If I wore that hat/bandana combo, I’d look like I was trying to fit in at a Carrie Underwood concert.

Red socks  -gold shoes sans laces…


Haute Pro-Skater. Haute Dad. Mill Valley Half Pipe Drop-Off.

matt 2

Matt Field. Proof Lab Surf Shop. Mill Valley, California. October 2013.

Matt is not only a well-know professional Skateboarder, but a father of three. Matt also designs skate inspired clothing as well as teach skateboarding around San Francisco.  It's so impressive to watch Matt smoothly move around a half pipe.. I tried last week and my heel got stuck on the metal ledge.. Matt informed me that 5 inch heels are not conducive while riding a skateboard – I mean who made that rule up?

Matt has a knack for style..he is a designer and I'm pretty sure he even designed his board.  His low key, but so stylin' look is great.  His Marc Jacobs floral patterned hat is a perfect accessory for this skate-pro dad.