Creative. Stylish. Boho Chic. Haute Halloween.


I took many photos last night at a Halloween party/parade in the town of Fairfax, California.  These were my favorite. The creativity and funkiness of this beautiful mom and her boys, represents this true progressive town in Marin County.  Families strolled the Fairfax streets; while bars, stores, coffee shops and restaurants all gave out candy.

This community of people were genuinely having a great time and finding pure joy in looking at all the costumes. Bands were jamming to classic rock – while kids collected candy (even toys) and socialized with friends.  It’s refreshing to witness a community so welcoming and connected.  And because of the generosity, my children have an insane amount of candy!!!

According to Wikipedia, Fairfax is the only town in America that holds a Green Party majority in the town council.  Growing up in Miami, I yearned for bohemian culture – and volunteered with the Miami Peace Center and attended meetings at the Miami Friends meeting house run by the small Quaker community.  At a young age, I was involved – and liked being around people who cared about their community and world. Fairfax is a community which has continued to embrace 1960’s values -and fashion 🙂  – this town would of been a dream come true to my younger self –

Pink Hair is Haute. Bows & Punk at Drop-Off.


San Rafael, California. May 2014.

Fashion Notes: usually I am weirded out by kids and parents who wear matching outfits.  This is really cute, the Converse, Jeans and bows.  Pink hair matched with a studded belt – it’s slight, but what I will call “low-key Punk”

I wonder how my boys would feel about me showing up at Drop-Off with pink hair….mmmmm.

It’s all about BRANDING at Drop-Off


Kelly. Corte Madera, California. January 2014

Fashion Notes : Shoes: purchased at Anthropology, Bright colored pattern skinny pants and Blazer: Gap, Belt: Ann Taylor Loft.  Her pixie hair style adds that funkiness to her overal

Kelly is wearing clothing from big name retailers, not surprising for a brand marketing executive who’s company works with big name clients.  Kelly is co-founder of Double G branding,  She has provided business and marketing solutions for clients including The Coca-Cola Company, Hewlett-Packard, Visa, Levi Strauss & Co., Intel, Sony, Dell, Nissan, UPS, Allstate, UCSF, RedPrairie, Sprint, and Harrah’s Entertainment. Prior to co-founding Double G Branding in 2008, Kelly specialized in user experience research, client loyalty, and social networking at Sapient, a global business consulting and interactive marketing firm.

Haute Mom at Skate Ramp Drop-Off


Jess. Fashion Designer. Mom. McInnis Skate Park. San Rafael, California.

I love this moms pretty tattoos and style that’s quite present, but less overt.  I love her hair in a bun, and that she’s sitting on a pretty throw.  Jess owns a successful fashion company and all clothing is manufactured in San Francisco. She also creates very special handmade “rag dolls”, sold in stores worldwide..check out her website for more information,

The skate park is a 25,000 square foot park, and it’s an amazing place to skateboard.  I love how the older kids always help my boys learn new tricks, and help them when they fall   – which happens..skate parks are communities and it’s nice to watch the friendships build between skaters.

Haute Outdoorsy Style. California Drop-Off.


Lisa. San Rafael, California. December 2013.

Lisa has a look that only few can pull off – I’ve always wanted to look this pretty in outdoorsy style.. she reminds me of someone who grew up in Maine and had a year round glow, no make-up needed.  Lisa is in the fashion industry and represents a line of menswear, which specializes in custom made suits.  I can not tell you enough that a man needs to wear a suit that fits like a glove.  It’s difficult to look great in a suit, especially if it’s baggy and doesn’t fit well.  But a man can look so sexy in a well fitted suit made with amazing fabrics and paired with a stiff white pocket square and gorgeous British shoes….

Any guys reading this, I will gladly help you find a suit that fits well and accessorize your look.  What fun for me.  My father always said to “dress British” and I do think the Brits know how to wear a suit.  When I lived in London, I loved staring at the men going to work on my Tube ride, they looked so distinguished..and then you would hang out with them at the pub, and they didn’t act so distinguished, oh but fun!!

Fashion Notes: Jacket: North Face, Chords: J. Crew, Sweater: Gap, Boots: Vintage Sorel’s

Lisa’s look is quite in at the moment, this is a page from the latest issue of Bazaar, showing outdoorsy fashion this winter.


Haute Blonde Mamma in Edgy Black. Marni at Drop-Off.


Denise. San Anselmo, California. December 2013.

I always love how black looks on a Blonde..something about really edgy clothing and gold studs toughen up a natural blonde.  Denise is put together and you can tell her love for fashion is alive and well.

Fashion Notes: Gold Studded Handbag: Marni,, Top: Vince, Heels: Pelle Moda (can buy via Zappos). I love the old school shape of Denise’s Marni bag and then the gold hardware and studs, make it that bag.  I would wear that with the most feminine dress to toughen me up!

Great look!

Pixie and Platinum. Haute Drop-Off. Marin County.


Lori. Marin County, California. November 2013.

Fashion Notes: Vintage French Sunglasses, Vera Wang Dress, Boots by Tom’s.  Lori has a platinum pixie cut, that I think is so PUNK! I love a cool hair style, because it makes anything you wear automatically look more edgy…

Lori is a creative talent agent for Vitamin T.  I think of Lori as a casting agent, only she’s casting nerdy “creatives”.  I am only kidding, but couldn’t resists. Lori connects the best freelance digital creatives in the industry and matches them with companies needing their creativity.

Vitamin T provides carefully screened freelance designers, developers and copywriters on a freelance basis..check out Vitamin T’s site for more information,

Haute Film Stylist. Sunday Drop-Off.


Chris. Mom. Stylist. Entrepreneur. San Anselmo, California. September 2013.

Chris is a stylist in the commercial and film industry.  Hailing from a small town in Minnesota, Chris moved to San Francisco after college, where she began her career as a fashion stylist.  Chris also met and fell in love with her “amazing and gorgeous” husband while they were both working on a movie. Three years ago they moved from San Francisco to Marin County and are “overjoyed with the barefoot lifestyle up here”.

Fashion Notes: Alexander Wang handbag, Theyskens' blazer, Rag and Bone boots and apparel from H &M and target.  I find that individuals with natural style (including yours truly :)) are gifted in the art of mixing designers and price points.  Chris wears her style well and tends to frequent the same look a few days in a row…I can relate to that as if I find a jacket I love, I will wear it with everything.  I also really like Chris's bedazzeled Birkenstocks!

Chris's Expert Styling Tip: “Dry clean your cheap clothes. Most of it just doesn't hold up to washing. Oh yeah and I have tons of cashmere. It's durable and outrageously soft and I wear it four seasons here”.

Chris's real joy, is her little dude Aiden and her latest venture,  Aysta is a chic, but super pure spray for the body and's natural and smells amazing.  Who doesn't need that? Chris is my Parent of The Week!

Haute Truck. Sunday Drop-Off.


Allison. San Anselmo, California. September 2013.

“Fashion” Truck Notes: 1976 International Harvester Scout in bright Yellow.

I spotted this truck and was picturing myself cruising around a beach town with a huge surf board in the back, all part of the “look”. And out comes Allison and her crew of little ones, who hopped in their Scout…I had to take a photo.

Allison is wearing her grandmother’s Coach bag from the 1970’s.  I’ve noticed that in this area, fashion is expressed in so many different ways – not necessarily via clothing, but in other creative amazing trucks.

Have a great Sunday..look out for stylin’ vehicles xx Mara