Goodwill Score. Haute -n- Floral.

Marin County. October 2017.

I love that this dress is Zara, purchased at Goodwill

look, she’s a pretty mom with a pretty floral dress/romper… and a sweet bun. I imagine she looks great in anything. And I’m happy to appreciate her style and effort – – ūüôā

Yes, this mom is thin – but remember from ME, CURVES are SLAMMIN’ & any of you Haute Moms can pull this off & look gorgeous!!!

Meringues, the Supermodels of Cookies.


Janet. Mill Valley, California. Fall 2015.

Janet is a fashion veteran turned baker. She and her business partner Jane, founded The Grand Meringue,¬† It’s no surprise fashionable Janet is in the Meringue business, after all they are the “supermodels” of cookies. The Grand Meringue started based on an old family recipe that was conceived at Janet’s great grandmother’s hotel in South Africa.

The meringues are not only delicious, but also act as accessories. ¬†They are the kind of thing you would see at a New York Fashion Week event ¬†– this high styling desert may be used in place of flowers at any party. The meringues are so cool looking, it’s no wonder Jane and Janet’s creations are so coveted. ¬†And for all you skinny people, Meringues are carb free – well, except the sugar.

Janet 1

Fashion Notes: Dress: Free People, Wedges: Pedro Garcia, Cuff: Dannijo

Janet is a mother of three, business owner and a self described lifestyle and design addict. ¬†She knows how to wear clothing – this long dress, has become less bohemian and more sophisticated with Janet’s touch.


I love the light accessories and this Dannijo cuff.  I seem to overload, this is pretty and tasteful.


I never buy sheer dresses because I know I’ll never make the effort to find a slip, or I’ll just expose myself and hope no one notices! ¬†This Free People dress has a sheer layer to protect from any possible “skin” sightings.


A slight Pedro Garcia wedge to navigate Mill Valley’s hills. Blue polish is always a little funky.


Aren’t they gorgeous?


Haute Crop-Top & Pointy Nails at Drop-Off


Shayla. San Rafael, California. October 2015.

I spotted Shayla from my car, she was picking her kids up from school. Her nails, crop-top and high bun got my attention. ¬†Shayla’s boys were such great participants.

In Mara fashion, I pulled over illegally, put my hazards on (doesn’t that make everything legal?) and chased after Shayla. What was it about this mom that grabbed my attention? I think her accessories..and in Marin County, it’s rare to see a glimpse of funky style – that’s not bohemian (well except on me).


White Haute Nails. I’m such a lover of long nails – I know that many of you think of New Jersey in the 1980’s (nothing wrong with that by the way). ¬†But the 2015 version of long nails are high fashion – check out the runways. Thanks to Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez..long nails have modernized and are HAUTE.

When I sported them, my own mother thought they were very Mafia wife..but I pulled them off, even in Marin – where I was the only person with these long, pointy white (and sometimes gold) nails. In NYC, I looked like everyone else in the East Village..


Small neck tattoo. Once again, I adore these little tattoos.


Happy family = the best style around. So happy Shayla is pulling off this cute crop-top, even after having kids.


Remember when I had these amazing nails? Issue is I couldn’t do basic things, such as typing on an iPhone – Shayla obviously has strong fine motor skills.


Shayla is walking all over she needs stylish and comfortable kicks, like these high-top red Vans.



Sunday was HAUTE. True Bohemian Style in Marin.

AB 1

Araceli. Marin County. February 2015.

Fashion Notes: I love the gold earrings paired with the gold aviators and petite necklaces.  Araceli unlike most people, can look great in silver and gold jewelry. Her long shiny tresses and glowing skin, add to her eclectic California style.

I first spotted Araceli in a yoga class. I was desparetly trying to look somewhat “California”, with my childhood throwback version of a back bend – let’s just say it didn’t look pretty. ¬†In the front row, a gorgeous woman with tiny bracelets on her wrists and ankles did a back bend with style and grace. Later, I learned Araceli was a Yoga teacher..and I felt a little better about my lack of experience.

AB 2

Bohemian Sundays: It’s so nice to spend a Sunday with friends, while the kids run around outside, with absolutely no presence of technology. ¬†With Abba playing in the background, this is a great example of the uniqueness of Northern California. Just hanging out talking about life, music and of course Seinfeld.

AB 4

How to Wear Crop-Tops: Yes, Araceli is in incredible shape – but the way she’s exposing a sliver of tummy, is a perfect way for all of us to rock a little crop-top situation. ¬†She tied her Forever 21 blouse,¬†with the knot low, so you can’t see much. ¬†And the high waisted vintage 1970’s skirt, makes everything stay put – meaning no possibility for a little skin rolls (she has none, but you get my point)

AB 3

A little more detail. Check out her gold studded sandals.


Iphone Shots. Miami. Brooklyn. San Francisco. Marin.


Miami. Marin County. San Francisco. Brooklyn. 2014.

I realize the bad quality of the photographs, but I wanted to show these stylin’ parents. I love traveling and admiring the fashion of each place. ¬†I don’t know if this is a real “hobby”, but observing humanity is my greatest love – actually participating in human interaction, while capturing style‚Ķ. yup, that’s it.

Love to you all. Happy Friday. xxxx Mara

I’m Bringing Sexy Back Marin, Help Me. Haute HuffPost.


Mara. Marin County, 2014. Fashion Shot: Eric Tabora

Fashion Notes: Boots: Miss Sixty, Bag: Colombian Mochila, Shorts: Vintage Levi’s

“…Let’s just say, it was Saturday night. I saw all of you, and those hot bodies were hidden beneath layers of fleece. It was appalling‚Ķ” Click below to read my piece.

It’s Raining Style‚Ķ.

DSC_0034DSC_0032DSC_0035Yuriko. San Rafael, California. November 2014.

Fashion Notes: Denim Skirt with leggings, Boots: Hunter, Jacket: Uniqlo

Yuriko always looks cool, even while running around with four kids under age nine. ¬†She’s Japanese raised, and knows good style. ¬†I love this Uniqlo jacket, I have one similar – but this cool hood makes it so chic. ¬†The amazing thing about Uniqlo is you can buy a jacket for under $100.00 and feel as if you are a stylin’ person in Tokyo.

I love Hunter rain boots, even if they are popular. ¬†Especially worn with skirts – Yuriko’s leggings keep her legs warm, while allowing for a British Country side look. I wear my boots with skirts and dresses – or with leggings – even if it’s a clear day, why not?

Former Model? Haute Dad. Summer Drop-Off.


Steven. Dad. Writer. Marin Country Mart. Marin County, California. June 2014.

Spotted this model looking dad yesterday, and ran after him, of course! Just eating ice cream on a gorgeous California summer day‚Ķit’s actually not Miami hot, you can sit outside.

Steven is a writer, busy completing a novel. Taking a break from the keyboard to spend time with his adorable and well behaved little girl.

Fashion Notes: Steven is dressed pretty classically ¬†– but with slight edge.. like his amazing tattoo, “only the strong survive” inked across his chest (zoom in). Jeans: Sean John, Kicks: Coach, Earrings: Diamond Studs.


Papa’s Got a Brand New Dress. Haute Fairfax.


Duncan. Nurse. Dad. Stilt Walker. Fairfax, California. June 2014.

I spent the day hanging at the Fairfax Festival in Marin County, California. ¬†What seems like a typical town, is just so not. ¬†I was waiting in line at the ATM, when two guys announce, “so guys, are you all waiting in line for Grateful Dead tickets..because if so, you really are going to need a miracle.” That made me laugh, and appreciate the continued hippie vibe so present in this funky little town of Fairfax, California.

To me, watching people is an art form..I may even say it’s my hobby..and the visions presented to me at the festival were amazing. ¬†Costumes galore, cross dressing, semi-nudity, bohemian music festival style and real hippie style..all great to see. ¬†And then I spotted Duncan…

This wasn’t my brother Seth’s quick walk around his LA neighborhood in a dress, this dad was serious. ¬†He was dressed in full costume, the only thing off were his shoes.. but hey, it’s tough being a “full” woman in heels. ¬†I am not sure why he didn’t wear heels, when the man walks on stilts as a hobby. ¬†Now, the thing about Fairfax is no one bats an’s a town so engrained in self expression, it’s just not a big deal to see a cross dressing dad. I really love that. ¬†I do think when Duncan’s daughter is older, she may ask her dad to wear something a little less old fashioned ūüôā

This is my Father’s Day Fashion Shot!!!


Fringe. Leather. Denim. Haute Drop-Off Marin.


Liz. Marin County, California. May 2014.

Fashion Notes: Jeans: Free People, Pink Floyd T-Shirt: Burn Out Vintage, Wedges: Tom’s, Handbag and Motorcycle Jacket: Nordstrom

Liz is an avid shopper, I mean this woman has major skills in finding what she wants.  She liked a pair of my bellbottoms and called every Free People across the US to find the pair she desired…and she succeeded.  Great Cali style on this mom.