Youth Style. They know what’s Up. Haute Fair.

The Stylin’ Youth. Marin County Fair. July 2017.

How to style sports jerseys.. right here.

Gold Grill. Yellow nails (I’m doing this color next) and high hair bun… I love observing what the “kids” are wearing these days – especially when the kids make it cool, creative and express themselves through style….


Pregnant. Face Tats. Pearls. Florals. Haute Lupe.

Lupe. Marin County Fair. San Rafael, California. July 2017.

Lupe is pregnant. She wanted me to know that, and as a woman, I understood right away. Any of us who’ve been pregnant, know we want to ensure all humans realize, we’re not heavy in the mid-section – we’re growing a person in there.

When I was pregnant, after three months, I announced it to some work people. One of them thought it would be flattering to let me know this, “Mara, you don’t look pregnant at all, you just look really chubby!”. Apparently, my reaction caused her to volunteer to enter a witness protection program.

I love staring at tattoos. It’s art, only on human skin – it’s weird to stare though, but so hard not to stare. I feel like I need to understand the protocol here – I mean ya get a tattoo, and usually its statement about who you are – tattoos to people are what bumper stickers are to cars. Am I right?

Lupe has so many tattoos, but they are spaced so well, it just looks so beautiful & stylin’.

And her feminine, floral dress (with skeletons) paired with a loose bun and an old school 1990’s pearl choker…perfection!!!! Love this. Pregnant and two kids on a burning hot day – and look at her!!!!

This kid is so gorgeous and didn’t complain once, it was soooo hot – not one complaint. Meanwhile, my kid was not into being his mother’s PA – too bad, I said, ya want a funnel cake? then help me!!

Floral mixed with skeletons….

I even love how Lupe’s hair is on her face – – so pretty.


Grunge is Sexy. Haute Mama. Carnival Drop-Off


Marin County Fair. San Rafael, California. July 2014.

Fashion Notes: Besides being stunning, this mom is channeling Grunge with some sparkly, diamond accessories.  I love her huge diamond cross ring mixed with ripped jeans, converse and a tiny white tank.  Her son, styled by his fashionable mama, looks so cool.

I had a great time on July 4th at the Marin County Fair.  It was such a fun, people watching spot – lots of stylish parents, and I even got to hear loads of Spanish..which I always love as it reminds me of Miami.

I had the best day with my boys, we went on scary rides, fun houses and they even had a Vegan food stand (I was happy about that in a sea of fried food)..we wasted money trying to win a huge stuffed donut, to no avail.  And I unsuccessfully tried to convince my boys to get an elephant ear (funnel cake).

Yesterday, It was confirmed how much my kids love me.  Apparently, I’ve turned into quite the wimp…as I panicked on one of the fast rides (okay a ride fit for toddlers).  As I started to panic, thinking that we would go head first into the oncoming carts, my silence caused these gorgeous boys concern.  “Mommy, are you okay? Don’t worry it’s not that fast, they have it timed perfectly.  Just squeeze me mommy”.

I quickly snapped back into the fearless woman I want to be, and smiled and threw my hands up in the air, while vocalizing a “woo hoo”.  That’s a big deal for me, someone who is so not a “woo hoo” person.  It was a fun July 4th, and great to know these little kids “got my back”.