Matt’s so Rad. Pro-Skater. Hot Dad.

Pro-Skater Matt Field and his son. Mill Valley, California. May 2017.

I’ve known Matt for a few years now, he’s an incredible skater -he’s one of these people who’s totally aware of his physical presence. Matt is a skateboarder, a professional -so no matter what, like a rock star, Matt will always have cool props. An avid Yogi, Matt continues to test himself physically.

Let’s talk about Matt’s style;

I’ve never seen Matt not look stylin’ – never. And I’m not surprised that Matt designed a line of skater shoes – these maybe from that line. Matt’s arms are ripped (as the kids say), and that is all YOGA baby! (too bad I can’t even lift my own body weight)..meaning he looks amazing in tank tops. When I talk about style, it’s a creative outcome for me..not in a pretentious way – like Matt here, he just has style – he gets dressed quickly, but has an eye for what looks cool. He takes risks, and that’s what we all see.

When I photograph someone with an incredible fashion sense, it’s exciting – it’s like looking at art – only in human form.  Check out Matt’s look below;

If I wore that hat/bandana combo, I’d look like I was trying to fit in at a Carrie Underwood concert.

Red socks  -gold shoes sans laces…


Last night I dreamt Somebody Loved me..


Morrissey as a dad…..Marin County. May 2016

I love stopping dads  – it’s always a little awkward, but quite rewarding – especially when I see them later, and they tell me how impressed their spouses are at their “blog fame”.


It’s refreshing to see this style on a dad in Marin County. He’s not hiding behind a beard, he’s walking around like a New Age London musician. I adore this look – skinny jeans, edgy hair, sleeves rolled up…ray bans – it’s all perfect.


It’s hard to pull off such fitted clothing, but it really looks best to wear clothing that truly fits- – but it takes exercise and discipline to fit into a Morrissey 1980’s look… you can do it, I know it!


A little Dad Style on Sunday.. Hipster Bikes..


Christian. San Anselmo, California. June 2015.


Fashion Notes: Jeans: Nudie, Button Down: Brisbane Moss from Guideboat Company in Mill Valley, Undershirt: Gitman Vintage, Shoes: Vans, Glasses: Dita Legends, Bike: Yuba Boda Boda


Listening to some live music in the music enclave of Marin County.. where you can hear music night and day.


I’m really digging these dark jeans….


String Cheese in Your Flannel Pocket. Haute Prepared Dad.


Mike. San Rafael, California. November 2014.

I love that Mike has a loose string cheese in the front pocket of his flannel.  How symbolic a metamorphosis for parents, I bet it wasn’t string cheese in that pocket 10 years ago, when Mike purchased the flannel at Old Navy.

Fashion Notes: Flannel: Old Navy, Jeans: Gap Raw Selvedge (Mike wears these often to break them in), Sunglasses: Gant (love these), School Boy Cap: From Mike’s late Father-in-Law, who was British, the hat is probably 50 years old! The company is called Lockhatters, and you can find them on line.  Shoes: Clark Wallabees, Mike has been wearing Clark’s since he was 5.

Mara’s Input: Personally, if I see anyone in Clark’s – I chase them.  What is it about these amazing shoes? They are intellectual – they are kind – they are nostalgic  – they are stylish.  When I see a man in Clark’s, I immediately assume a membership in Mensa (by the way, I had to look up the spelling, no need to let you people mock me).  And then I start asking them a lot of questions, to prove my ridiculous theory.  I wish all Professors and teachers had a uniform which included Clark’s, school boy caps and a loose fitted wool scarf.

About Mike:  Mike works for Mozilla, a non-profit that supports an open internet and is known for making the Firefox web browser. Additionally, he plays guitar and sings in the Indie rock band, The Wild Kindness,

I think it’s awesome that so many people have passion in life – music is incredible.  Ted-ED  just put out a video detailing how playing music impacts your entire body – it actually makes you smarter, retain more information and physically works you out.  Mike and his crew recently moved out of San Francisco and into Marin County.