Haute Nerdy Hiker. Mara Workout Style.


Marin County. July 2014. Shot by Eric Tabora.

Fashion Notes: Fanny Pack: GAP, Shorts (or underwear as my friends call them): Lululemon, Jacket: North Face, Socks: Target, Shoes: a Japanese Company, Glasses: Ray Ban, Earrings: Large and Gold.

The Bay Area has interesting weather, and you need to be prepared for the cold and heat while taking a hike – it changes quickly. So my knee length socks are quite handy.  The sneakers I’ve discussed before, simple and flat – no need to wear sneakers that can be seen from far distances – only, if they are my awesome “Ash” gold high tops!I always have large hoops or dangling earrings  – not functional at all, but it’s my thing.  The fanny pack has its own personality – nerdy, hip and oh so functional.  I’m in love!

My green Ray Ban Wayfarers add some color to my Black on Black, and kind of go with my amazing Japanese kicks.  When I wear a Japanese brand, It propels me to a fashion icon (in my own mind), only because Japan is filled with stylish peeps.

Have fun with your workout style. Remember, you can still wear big brand clothing and not look like the rest of the flock.  Accessories give us individual style.