It’s all about ME..HAUTE


Me. Fall 2016. Marin County, California.

This necklace is from Laura Kimpton, her large instillations may be found at Burning Man, and she has a retail store in the bohemian town of Fairfax, California. Louis Vuitton is also making gold initial necklaces, $480 each. See below from In Style Magazine, 


“Gold-finished” meaning not real gold


I can’t remember where I bought this shearling jacket, but it was used and I knew it was a seriously amazing find. My psychic style powers told me that shearling was going to be huge again – and I was right. I love this jacket, but it’s a little bulky and boxy. Shearling can have a luxury, designer look, a downtown NYC look, a mountain, preppy LL.Bean look or even a bohemian 70’s look..depending on the jacket and how you style it.

Seen here on me is my 90’s style – reminds me of Mary J. Blige and the street style of Jennifer Lopez, and Hip-Hop artists in NYC during that period. I took an American Apparel strapless one piece, and cut it  – it’s a little crooked (I never cut in a straight line).


Cheap sunglasses, $10 on Haight-Ashbury..


My enormous Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, which is really sold as luggage. I bought these Timberlands at Century 21 in NYC…


Does this braid make me look a little bohemian?


Paige Denim, love these jeans – not sure if I love the way my butt looks..but they are comfortable and not skin tight.


My dorkiest face – only adding to this look!!


Who Knew a LV Speedy could Carry a Skateboarder?


Mara. Venice Beach. January 2014

Fashion Notes: Current Elliot Jeans, Zara Shirt, BCBG ankle Boots and Louis Vuitton very worn out and huge Speedy (made for luggage) and leather strap from another bag at Target

So is it weird to have me on my blog? I love this photo taken by my brother Seth, we spent the entire day riding on the board walk while I pulled Liam on his skateboard.  I think it’s a testament to the craftsmanship (I hate using that term, I sound pretentious) of Louis Vuitton that a kid held on to that bag and it didn’t rip…and maybe a testament to a mom who lets her kid hold on to a great bag, knowing it could break. But what’s really awesome is I bought a bag at Target only for the brown leather strap with the intent to attach it to my Speedy, which I’ve been wearing for years to keep my hands free.

This bag I purchased 7 years ago, maybe more..I wanted the largest speedy, so I got the bag you can use as a carry on, and worked hard to beat the bag in order to give it that vintage look…and it worked, It’s beat up alright.  So the question remains, was it the Target strap that held Liam or the LV Speedy?  mmmm something deep to ponder!

So do something fun this weekend.. love to you all.

xx Mara