Axl Rose? Chris Robinson? Must be a Musician Dad at Drop-Off


Ponytail Papa. Fairfax, California. November 2013.

Fairfax is a town in Marin County about 30 minutes outside of San Francisco.  It’s a liberal mecca filled with funky stores and lots o’ music.  The town of Fairfax is considered one of the most progressive in Marin County, and not surprising it’s home to many musicians and artists.

As a new resident to the area, Fairfax has taken me in with open arms. Lola’s Depot, a great consignment store always has such cool things, and with a box outside labeled “free”, my kids have become collectors of fabric.. still waiting to see the outcome.

If you want to hear some good music (and believe me, they have some seriously establish musicians playing in Fairfax) and feel the old school bohemian California feeling, hang out in Fairfax..

Fashion Shot by Luna Brown – Luna, a photographer in her teens, has a great eye and I loved hearing about the life of teenagers from Luna and her friend.. Luna has a blog about fashion for her school, check it out.. love love her passion..