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Rachel. Mom. Fashion Designer. LA transplant. Marin County. April 2017.

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Rachel talks about how she waited to have kids – and you can tell in conversation, that she appreciates being a mom. Like we’ve heard over and over, you can’t do it once..and that’s something I truly believe. So many moms have little choice in the matter, and it’s the American way. To me, all moms should have a year off, paid, with a guarantee of job security. But this country makes moms do it all – at once, it’s impossible and unfair. And if we wait to have kids, biologically we’re penalized, medical intervention isn’t cheap and health insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatments.

It’s a subject so deep and disturbing, discussing the treatment of moms in general, gets me on a never-ending rant – as we all should be. We are set up to fail, and it’s the wealthy who have the opportunities to raise kids, without endless obstacles.


On a lighter note, Rachel is taking her daughter to a puppet show, after a quick visit to the photo booth. Rachel is from LA, and is now moving to a very bohemian town in Sonoma  called Sebastopol. Sebastopol is known for its liberal politics, small town feel and famous residents with many musicians, writers and artists.


I meet people everyday, who move from big cities to rural areas and revel in the tight communities and slower pace. I think for me, living in Marin is amazing – but I still can’t deal with not being able to find food after 9:30, or a bar that’s filled with lots of people who talk loud, and not because they are drunk, but because they are just loud talkers.  I do frequent Berkeley, San Francisco and Oakland to feel socially stimulated, if need be.


Fashion Notes: Prada glasses, Ella Moss top, Jamie jeans, Dansko boots. Cute kid: Cat & Jack dress, Elephantito boots



White Kicks still ‘HAUTE’ on the Street..


Los Angeles. November 2015.


Did they mean to match? It was hard to communicate with this catalog looking family, because they didn’t speak english – but we managed to work it out.


So white sneakers are still HAUTE. Here’s New York Magazines take on the subject,


Haute Drop-Off Los Angeles. Music Rules in this City.

DSC_1363Deborah. Los Angeles, California. May 2014.

Fashion Notes: Shoes: Chanel. Ripped Jeans, Denim shirt tied to her waist, cool hat and hot pink nails.

Deborah is a stylish LA mom, who works in the fashion industry – no surprise!

This shot was taken at an Israeli festival, where I was introduced to a very cool Israeli band, Idan Raichel, This band represents the multi-culturism found in Israel..The Ethiopian influences are apparent through music in the Amharic language – And I’m pretty sure I heard some Brazilian beats, all with a combination of English and Hebrew.  The lead vocalist had gorgeous long, dreaded locks prior, but took the stage with a new shaved head.

Idan Raichel reminded me a great deal of Miami.  With an amazing mixture of so many different cultures – ya know what happens? You make beautiful – soulful Music.

Haute LA. Haute Orange Shoes.

sarah LA

Sarah. Founder of, a site that gives you an inside view into style, food, travel and all things to make your life more interesting.  Sarah has great insight into all things food, as she is married to Vinny Dotolo, chef and co-owner of Animal and Son of a Gun, the famous LA eating establishments (I suggest you make reservations now)

Sarah and Vinny have an adorable little boy and reside in Los Angeles.  Sarah has been wearing scarves since her teen years, and is a lover of all things vintage.  She adores accessories that are small, but make a big impact.  Sarah’s closet is filled with her collection of vintage handbags, a place where I love to visit.  In this shot, her only handbag is her son’s lunchbox…

The Look:  Shoes and Sweater are APC, an amazing French brand with stores in NYC (and also carried in other major stores throughout the US) Jean are by Madewell, and Sarah’s great scarf is from the store Ten Over 6 on Melrose in Los Angeles,