Haute Drop-Off Israel


Jerusalem. June 2015.

It was a fun summer. And Israel was on the places visited. I’ve spent time in Israel, but not as much time in Jerusalem, “the old city” – here I tried to capture Israeli Drop-Off style…


Bread stand. A dad and his two sons run the family business.

Haute “hot” bread. After eating hummus, I pretty much ate a loaf myself. The food in Israel is mediterranean, so vegetables, hummus, olive oil  – ice is still not so common.  I have to say it was touch finding food for my youngest, he lived on nutella, bread and fruit.


Sun coverage at the Western Wall (one of the holiest spots in Jerusalem) Women have to be covered and they even have hospital fabric skirts and tops, in case you show up in booty shorts.


Is that a San Francisco dad? Certainly looks like one.. but this is Jerusalem. Yes, Jews do get tattoos.


Rushing to the Western Wall before the sunset


Over the knee skirts, kind of chic…


Young boys hang out at their dad’s barber shop in the Arab market, Jerusalem. PEACE sign, universal baby.


Shift Dress at the Wall


Wedge clogs and head wrap

chanel scarf

Chanel head scarf at the Wall


Showing respect at the Western Wall, families get dressed nicely for Shabbat


Father and son in the market


Long skirts..


This photograph was taken in my favorite town in Israel, Tsfat. Tsfat is home to Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism made popular by Madonna. This city has a spiritual/bohemian feeling about it – it kind of reminds me of Marin County, but the Israeli version. Tsfat is where people pass out red strings. The red string is worn on the left wrist, and its purpose is to ward off misfortune brought on by the “evil eye”.  As an American-Jew, this is part of our upbringing – -my grandmother would bite her tongue if someone said something to provoke the evil eye – I still do this.