“My friend Rachel and I decided to purchase our track suits together, she also decided to get Nicole Richie thin that summer. We arrived at Burdine’s in Miami, back then the equivalent to Bloomingdale’s.  Juicy was so hot that they had a separate section in the store filled with racks and racks of Juicy Couture, mostly of the coveted terry or velour tracksuits in a rainbow of colors and sizes from XS to XL. Rachel and I both grabbed the extra small hoody and the extra small pants. Her waif body fit right into the suit.  Horrified, I stared at my reflection in the very mean mirror. I moved up to a small. My boobs were squeezed into a uni boob.  For the first time in my life I noticed what seemed to be back fat from my bra strap.”

Click on link above to read more about my JUICY adventures and how I know Juicy track suits are back and will be bigger than ever.

Haute Crop-Top & Pointy Nails at Drop-Off


Shayla. San Rafael, California. October 2015.

I spotted Shayla from my car, she was picking her kids up from school. Her nails, crop-top and high bun got my attention.  Shayla’s boys were such great participants.

In Mara fashion, I pulled over illegally, put my hazards on (doesn’t that make everything legal?) and chased after Shayla. What was it about this mom that grabbed my attention? I think her accessories..and in Marin County, it’s rare to see a glimpse of funky style – that’s not bohemian (well except on me).


White Haute Nails. I’m such a lover of long nails – I know that many of you think of New Jersey in the 1980’s (nothing wrong with that by the way).  But the 2015 version of long nails are high fashion – check out the runways. Thanks to Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez..long nails have modernized and are HAUTE.

When I sported them, my own mother thought they were very Mafia wife..but I pulled them off, even in Marin – where I was the only person with these long, pointy white (and sometimes gold) nails. In NYC, I looked like everyone else in the East Village..


Small neck tattoo. Once again, I adore these little tattoos.


Happy family = the best style around. So happy Shayla is pulling off this cute crop-top, even after having kids.


Remember when I had these amazing nails? Issue is I couldn’t do basic things, such as typing on an iPhone – Shayla obviously has strong fine motor skills.


Shayla is walking all over town..so she needs stylish and comfortable kicks, like these high-top red Vans.



She Adorns the Famous and the Stylish. Haute Bobbie.

DSC_0060DSC_0083DSC_0056DSC_0064Bobbie. Jewelry Designer. Mom. Coconut Grove, Florida. January 2015.

Fashion Notes: Bobbie: Silk Lace Kimono: Soah, Funky Boho Heels: Ralph Lauren Collection, Jumpsuit: Hommage LA, Fringe Bag (I am obsessed): Purchased in Morocco, All Jewelry: Musa Chloe (Bobbie’s daughter): Dress: Urban Outfitters, Cardigan: Bought in a Vintage store in Europe, Socks: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Thrift Store, Backpack: Kipling, Jewelry: Musa.  Bobbie’s style is very “Mara” – the bag I adore, and the layering of accessories – it’s like looking in a candy store..I want it all!! Including Bobbie’s glowing skin.  Chloe, Bobbie’s daughter adores thrift stores and searching for cool items to wear- she has a great sense of style..and I’m pretty sure I know where she got her initial inspiration.

Musa Jewelry: Bobbie’s company Musa, is the Spanish word for muse.  Musa pieces are not only funky, beautiful and stylish, but each piece has a special meaning and intention.  Bobbie’s designs include various gemstones and crystals, because of the healing powers of these stones.  Many of Musa’s collectors adorn the beads for pure spirituality, and some for pure body decoration :).

About Bobbie: A former magazine writer and stylist, Bobbie began collecting beads during her travels.  Bobbie’s natural bohemian style and sensibility, led her to create unique designs with a deeper meaning.  It’s all very California!  And I’ll tell you, Musa Jewelry has quite the A List following (I’m talking about me, of course).  Although, I’m not one to be impressed with celebrity fashion–I’m proud that Bobbie’s pieces are being appreciated by many majorly fashionable people.

Who’s Rockin’ Musa: Lenny Kravitz has been photographed wearing Musa’s black beads (so sexy on men), and apparently they fell off while he was crowd surfing at a show – -they were quickly replaced on the style icon’s wrist.  Uma Thurman, the Von Furstenberg Family (yes, as is Diane), Marie Chantal of Greece’s royal family and the Givenchy Family are all fans of Musa.  Donna Karan, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez all own pieces from Musa’s collection.  Diane Von Furstenberg’s bed became an impromptu pop-up shop for Musa Jewelry.

For information about Musa and to purchase, click below;


Don’t Ever Call Me a Soccer Mom. Glamour on the Field.


Fashion Notes: Jacket: North Face, Workout Pants: Lululemon, Fanny Pack: 1990’s GAP, Striped Top: Max Mara (from my mom’s closet, I cut about half the shirt), Glasses: borrowed from Neal’s 11 year old friend, they say SF Giants on the side, Boots: Hunter, Hair: Sonja from Christopher Salon in Mill Valley.

I realize i’ve made comments poking fun of Marin County such as, “why is everyone dressed like they are about to embark on a white water adventure?”.  I know it seems mean, but it’s based on pure truthful observation.  In Marin County, Patagonia, North Face and L.L. Bean are the designer brands.  Rare does one spot Chanel, Marni and Chloe – but beneath those outdoor jackets, you will find luxury labels.

My son Neal is on a traveling soccer team, it’s fun we explore towns in areas unfamiliar, and socialize with other parents.  Since my socializing has been a little “distracting”, the team forces me to sit in a “special” seat during games.  They claim it’s for “VIP” moms with fabulous style, but I know it’s the same chair used to calm kids down with ADD – I am onto their scheme.

The clothing for these “soccer affairs” is quite confusing -it’s cold, it’s hot, it rains – -you never know. So naturally, I got my hair blown out for this glamorous weekend and dressed like the rest of the Marin bunch.  I decided to be functional and not make a pattern with my heels across the soccer field.  I even (gasp) wore a North Face jacket and Lululemon yoga pants, in combination.  My son Neal believes my North Face jacket is a children’s size, and likes to laugh at its size..he’s wrong, it’s supposed to be short and fitted.

I was comfortable all day in this look, and even with big name brands  — I think I pulled off something cool – “Soccer mom Style”.  The Fanny Pack, tight pants, Hunter rain boots and cropped jacket is a little sporty – and the hair, Max Mara top and Gold dangly earrings offer my Mara glamour I desire daily – – -it’s a little Jennifer Lopez  –

See..we can even bring style on the soccer field – just be a little creative, and add some glamour.