Haute Chic Parisian. Paris Drop-Off.


Paris, France. Soccer Practice Drop-Off. June 2014.

Fashion Shot: Bobby Peruch

Fashion Notes: Print shift dress, gold studded sandals, oversized Jackie-O sunglasses, patent leather oversized clutch, gold hoops and accessories.

I love watching people on the streets of Paris.  In Paris, fashion is part of the territory – and it’s not about function or comfort.  Obviously, an oversized clutch to drop a child off at soccer practice is not functional – but feeling stylish and chic carries more weight.

Sometimes, I wear yoga clothing all day- and I feel blah.  But when you live in a major city like Paris or NYC, you dress up more – you are interacting with people on the street, you’re inspired by street fashion and know the latest trends before most…it can be tiring because don’t we all have days where we just want to go unnoticed? Not in Paris..the street is a cat walk, and that’s what makes Paris inspiring.