Haute Presidential Debates… Kids Know What to Ask.



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Butt Cheeks, the New Cleavage


Bottlerock Napa. May 2016. Jesse Glick (right) of LA band Guardian Ghost

Want to look cool this summer? Click on the link below, festival fashion is making its way onto the streets this summer….


I saw a lot of style at Bottlerock Napa, a three-day music festival with food, wine, art and a worthy line-up of incredible talent; Red Hot Chili Peppers, Florence + The Machine, Buddy Guy, The Lumineers, Lenny Kravitz etc.


Michael Sherman. Sax player in Lenny Kravitz’s band.


Lily rocking a septum ring…

A SOCAL Beauty. Lululemon for Kids?


Andrena. Marin County, California. June 2015.

Andrena and her daughter were attending the opening of Lululemon’s latest venture, http://www.ivivva.com – a store dedicated to dressing “active girls”.  Lululemon is smart, creating brand loyalty before adulthood. Andrena’s daughter looks adorable sporting the labels newest apparel – and most importantly, she looks like a kid.

I can’t help wonder how suburban style will continue to become more casual and workout oriented – – and now with kids thrown in the mix, we’ll be seeing a lot of mother/daughter Lululemon combinations.

I’ve been critical and complimentary of Lululemon.  My piece in The Huffington Post, discusses their ability to hide the dreaded “camel toe” while transforming the human booty into a perfect shape, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/all-asses-are-not-created_b_4269238.html


Fashion Notes: Jeans: Paige Denim, Bag: Gucci, Oversized shades: Michael Kors, Top: Splendid & Joie. On child: Ivivva for Lululemon


Andrena, originally from Southern California has that beautiful California look – white teeth, big smile, tan skin & gorgeous blonde hair.  Andrena always looks together – although she may argue otherwise.



The gorgeous rings…..


A classic logo’d bag by Gucci – always adds a little glamour to any look (even in sweats)


Still Going Strong. Me on Backpack Love.

Mara Backpack 1 mara backpack 2     mara army 1Mara Prada 1

Fashion Shots: Barbara Myers

“My eyes lit up: was this my mom, or a fashion-forward fairy in disguise? I untied the bag and inside was a little nylon backpack with an oversized no-name logo glued (more like super glued) onto its back pocket.  I knew it was a horrible knockoff of what I really wanted, but no matter..”

Fashion Notes: Backpack: Prada, www.prada.com  and Vintage Army, Leggings: Target, www.target.com, Cuff: Nordstrom, www.nordstrom.com, Glasses: Chanel,www.chanel.com, Kicks: Converse, www.converse.com Jean Jacket: Free People, www.freepeople.com, Gray Heels: Zara, www.zara.com

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Chugging California "Cool" Aid. Mara in Huffington Post.


“…..Differentiate between homeless, hipster, or Berkeley professor. It sounds easy but it isn’t. They all have beards, wear Clarks, and share a similar scent. I’m pretty sure I’ve dropped a dollar into the coffee cup of a Nobel Prize nominee, and asked a homeless man if I could survey his class at Berkeley.

Click on this link to read my full piece in The Huffington Post, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/chugging-the-california-k_b_4061291.html

Haute Drop-Off in HuffPost.

“Forcing Children to be Hipsters”

Growing up, my mother dressed my brothers as if they were lounging on a yacht in Nantucket. The only difference was they were lounging on the roof of our Long Island house, throwing eggs at cars.  (click on link below to read the rest)