Haute Temporary Butt Implants…


I decided to be a Kardashian for Halloween.  We all know, it was just an excuse for me to stuff pull ups in my jeans, and finally get to exist in society with an impressive backside. I promise you I’m deep and soulful, but I have many sides, and one includes me clicking on a You Tube video explaining how to achieve a larger butt by utilizing pull ups.

Pull Ups, as you know are used as night time diapers for kids  – they aren’t cheap, I remember. But lucky for me, my friend Amy kindly lent me some – organic even! The first night I wore them, they worked – it was very hard to use the bathroom and re-stuff my self in a small bathroom at a party – I did look very lumpy by the middle of the night. I suggest you use tight, but stretchy jeans.

At the Halloween Party, people were staring at me – especially females – I knew they were wondering if I had implants, but they also know that Marin County is not Miami. It was pretty clear, after a few bathroom visits, and not placing the pull ups correctly that I was smuggling something in my jeans, and it didn’t look pretty.

Here’s the link to the video, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uXcqw0Gjq4E

Get my Look above: 6 pull ups, Zara heels, Gap Skinny jeans, H&M bomber jacket, gold hoops, Chanel bag, braids and lots of eyeliner.


My little Axl Rose, Liam wanted a Slash side kick, but not many 10 year old kids want to dress up like Slash.


I had to switch to high top Adidas, and my enormous Louis Vuitton Speedy bag to carry my camera and candy (I like candy) when we went trick-or-treating.  Look at my butt profile – impressive, huh?


Liam is the only member of my family who will pose with me for my blog, or any social media.. Please say the kid continues to help his mama out ūüôā

But all in all, after much serious research, It’s conclusive, blondes don’t have more fun, but those who stuff their jeans with Pull Ups, actually have the most fun….

My “grass roots” Drop-Off Style (when I’m not in leggings)


Me. September 2016. Marin County. Shots by T. Palmer.

I’m not smiling in these (okay, I’m making that semi-weird lip expression), it was the first run & I’m a little rusty and a lot self conscious ¬†– I warm up in the photos you’ll see in a few weeks. ¬†Although, I will admit to feeling like I did a pretty good job pulling together this look from my closet – what? self-validation people!


This basket weaved leather bag was a great summer purchase – $40.00 from Lola’s in Fairfax, CA – when I wear this bag, I get stopped constantly. My friend Em-J, who’s a very stylin’ twenty-something, surfing, mountain biking woman – has been on a constant search to find this bag, because she knows her friend Mara, has quite the eye for accessories & good prices (I’m kidding, but I do).



The choker is a long chain, made by Shandi Levy Jewelry. Chokers are here for now, and I’m still not sure if they look right on me, because I don’t have the neck of a ballet dancer. This dress is from H&M, and it was very cheap. I impulsively shortened it, by cutting it with scissors and it came out uneven. It was my multi-talented & close friend Barb, who fixed the dress & made it wearable. It looks shredded and low end, but that doesn’t matter to me – accessories are key. The plaid top, also cut by yours truly, (so happy Grunge is back “in”) is by Zara. The gladiator sandals I LOVE, and found on sale at 02 in Aspen this summer. They are by Vince Camuto.

The sandals I guess seem sexy, because I get some “looks” when wearing them. They are totally flat with no heel, which makes them causal and wearable – but I guess the look of them seems out of the box for some‚ĶI’ve just been enjoying pairing them with everything in my closet – including the boring, but repeated yoga pant!!

dsc_0035 dsc_0043


My¬†nails are long again, they are acrylic and high maintenance. The males in my life think they are awful, but women usually love them. I love them, they elongate your hands and make me feel like I’m related to J.Lo :).


I really look like I’m trying here‚Ķ.oy vey!


The only issue with this dress and wearing it to pick up my kids is the wind factor. It’s always windy in Northern California, especially in San Francisco. I walk with my arms attached to my side or make all my bags messenger, to hold my dress down, I would wear dresses every day if it wasn’t windy –


And a close up, sunglasses are on for reasons of vanity…

Timberland’s. Huge Gold Hoops. MCM. So HAUTE.


Cheryse. Marin County, California. March 2015.


When I eyed I huge gold hoops, Timberland’s and an MCM bag inside Nordstrom – I pretty much lunged into Cheryse. She was so sweet, and accommodating to my crazy Mara requests. Like can you put your purchases down, and follow me outside for a brief photo shoot?


Fashion Notes: t-shirt & jacket: Forever 21, www.forever21.com leggings, H&M, www.hm.com, boots: Timberland, www.timberland.com, bag: MCM, www.mcmworldwide.com

The MCM bag is AMAZING. ¬†I can’t wait to be in NYC and see how the cities most fashionable puts together this re-emerging brand.


So Cheryse has fashion smarts – Timberland’s are big again, and popping up on the feet of the most fashionable in major cities. ¬†The new way to wear them? Pair them with a designer bag and a short skirt, ¬†I’ve even seen them with long skirts.


My love for large earrings will never fade..they are just sexy. Large hoops will automatically add some serious appeal. Love this mom’s look – take note. And I can’t wait to rock some Timberland’s with a super short dress!!!!!

Fashion.Celebrity. This Mama Throws Haute Parties.



Natalie. Marin Country Mart. Marin County, California 2014.

Fashion Notes: Boots: Aldo, Hat: Vintage from a store on Haight Ashbury in San Francisco, Ring: Tacori, Sunglasses: Gucci, Skirt: H&M, Top: Ambiance

Natalie’s clothing is a great example of mixing pieces, and not sticking to one label. ¬†The boots are great looking, and seem like something on display at the Ralph Lauren store on 5th Avenue.

Natalie is an Events Manager at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering in San Francisco. Paula LeDuc is “The” go to caterer for San Francisco high profile events, with clients like Tiffany, The De Young Museum (LeDuc threw a party for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit) and celebrity tech clients, including Sean Parker’s Mid-evil themed wedding at Big Sur, covered by Vanity Fair. ¬†Paula leDuc not only caters large scale events, but affairs of all sizes.

And now, as a new resident to the Bay Area, I want to attend a Paula LeDuc event!! Click the link below for more information;


Sexy Bright Lips at Drop-Off.


“You caught me on a day when I was wearing all my cheapies.” Lisa. San Rafael. 2014.


Fashion Notes: Green hooded army jacket, ripped jeans, Moccasins: Payless, Tank: H&M, Sunglasses: Target, Hair: Lisa is a hair stylist, see the shiny hair?


MARA’S TIPS: Remember!!¬†You don’t need to spend a lot of money to exemplify style. ¬†I had no idea where Lisa purchased her clothing, but liked her look. ¬†She has a mix of classic style with a little Northern California touch. ¬†Adding rolled up ripped jeans and moccasins create a casual, cool style.

Additionally, wearing bright lipstick and oversized glasses is so haute. ¬†I can’t seem to get away with lipstick..I feel like I look awful and made up‚Ķoh and my kids laugh in my face, and tell me i’m so “girly”. But if I had blonde hair, I would rock bright red lipstick constantly. ¬†It’s so sexy.

I know it’s not easy for everyone to put together clothing – it doesn’t have to be complicated, not everyone likes my funky style – just wear what you love, and add some slight touches. ¬†If you need some tips, email me.


Soccer Dad Style. Men Tips on looking “Haute”.



Lo√Įc. Fairfax, California. October 2014.

Fashion Notes : T-shirt: H&M, Hat: Gypsy and¬†Lo√Įc, Jeans: G-Star. ¬†I love how¬†Lo√Įc wears small accessories well – Being French, he learned about style in utero. But men take note – it’s all simple really with a flash of a leather cuff and a small string necklace. ¬†A bright green shirt gives the face some color, and a cool hat is an instant fashion step-up. Being “trendy” is tough for any guy, but adding slight style is so easy – and we women appreciate a man with some style ūüôā (for me it’s especially great, if it seems “unintentional”)

Lo√Įc’s son was playing against my son Neal’s soccer team. ¬†This family captured my attention with authentic Northern California free-spirited style. I wasn’t surprised to learn about their fashion company.

Lo√Įc and his wife Gypsy are creative souls, designing environmentally conscious accessories. ¬†Based in Arcata, California, Gypsy and Lo√Įc¬†is “on a mission to create fun and unique accessories made here in the USA from up-cycled and recycled fabrics.” ¬†click on the link to check out their stuff:



Mara’s Run DMC Style. Gold Chains at Drop-Off.


Mara. Marin County. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: Denim “dress”: Zara, Gold Heels: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent. Bag: Chanel, Gold Chain with Vintage Coin: Shandi Levy Jewelry, Bracelets: purchased in markets in Turkey and Botswana. Gold Oversized Aviators: Polaroid, Nails: Gold.

It’s an exciting time for me in fashion. ¬†As you know, I am heavily influenced by urban street style. I’m an extremist in many ways, for instance, I love crazy, long nails or super short nails – but not into an in-between length. ¬†Bigger are always better when it comes to earrings, partly because I have an insane amount of hair. ¬†Small accessories are pointless, who would see them?

My friend Shandi Levy, NYC based jewelry designer, made me this special necklace with an oversized Napoleon looking man coin attached.  Shandi knows if I could, I would dangle a Mercedes emblem from my ear and neck Рbut those are hard to find in 2014. She found this enormous coin, to satisfy my craving for the oversized and gold accessories.

Back to my point, Chanel’s latest advertisements are taken on the street, with huge pad locks attached to gold chains – think bicycle locks, only Chanel and about $2,300. ¬†Additionally, models are wearing bright, colorful sneakers..almost like those light up ones you see on toddlers.

Now wear did Chanel come up with this? On the streets of Paris, Rome, Tokyo, NYC and London – I’ve seen women wearing these sneakers paired with mini-skirts and shorts all over the place. And I keep repeating, RUN DMC style‚Ķ The rap band Run DMC’s 1980’s looks are almost identical to what’s on the runway.

This is a thrilling time for me, because I love nothing more then huge gold chains, earrings and denim.. I realize this long denim jacket i’m wearing, is not really a dress..but that’s never stopped me before. I’m pulling it off‚Ķ.and thanking Run DMC for influencing style, even in 2014.



Haute Therapist Dad. Chattanooga Drop-Off.


John Lee. Chattanooga, Tennessee. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: Kicks: Converse. Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Polo: Old Navy, Blazer: H&M

John Lee is a Therapist in Tennessee, and his lovely wife Kendra sent me this photo. ¬†She loves her husband’s style, and I’m happy to feature a dad from Tennessee. ¬†I’ve had hardly any parents from the Southern states on Haute Drop-Off.

I love the “old-school” uniform John’s daughter is wearing..I had one very similar. ¬†I hated it back then, but now it’s looking pretty cute.

Feminine Summer Style. Mara’s Picks.


Style Tip: Do not wear this skirt on a windy day, especially if a little boy is your main accessory. Chanel flats are an expensive shoe, but they are so versatile and make any look, a little more polished..I love mixing my flats with ripped jean shorts or a short dress… any flats will work.

Fashion Notes: Flats: Chanel, Skirt/top: Zara, Bucket Bag: Vintage Dooney & Burke, Gold Hoops, Aviators

Liam: Kicks: Vans and Jeans: H&M

Haute Yoga Chica. Mexico City Drop-Off.


Ariana. Mexico City. June 2014.

Ariana recently moved back to her home, Mexico City from years spent living in London.  She is a blogger, devoted yogi and holistic nutrition coach.  Ariana is passionate for all things natural and organic РРshe also lives for anything fashionable (it just has to be natural & organic)  Her lifestyle blog is about healthy eating, yoga, fashion, music and her latest finds, check it out at www.yogachica.com
Fashion Notes: ¬†Ariana calls this her “off duty yoga outfit”, leggings: Onzie, off the shoulder blouse: Bella, lace up boots: Steve Madden, fringe “hippie” bag: H&M, sunglasses: Ray Ban
Baby Fashion Notes: trench coat: Mothercare, kicks: Sketchers