Haute Punk. Chelsea Flea.

Chelsea. NYC. Summer 2017.

While I was walking around, in and out of the Gay Pride Parade, I stopped at Chelsea Flea Market. This man, who has been a fixture for so many years in Chelsea, has become known for his Punk style. New York City is made up of small neighborhoods, and like any small town, you get to know the locals.

I want that leather vest – – “G-D save the queen”

My mom used to put me in tiny plaid, pleated skirts – still love them, because they can be so East Coast preppy, and so Punk. It’s all about the accessories.



She’s Got it. Chillin’ in the Park. NYC Style.

DSC_0180 DSC_0179

Central Park. June 2016.

Check out this hair in The City. Slight shaving action on the side, and you transform your style to always looking funky.

I’m loving this mom’s style – and that’s why I’m sharing so many photos. She’s so simple, but gives off this slight punky-post-modern look.




Ferry Building Fashion. Like Minded Mamas Unite.


Mariama. The Ferry Building. San Francisco. 2015.

Mariama is a stylist, originally from New Jersey (love those Jersey peeps) and has been styling in New York for years, recently she and her family re-located to San Francisco. I was with my mom when I met Mariama, we all just bonded. She just had a baby, and still with no sleep – has great style and personality.

Mariama does styling for magazines, film etc… check out her blog for more Mariama inspiration, www.Everythingundertheshade.com

Ferry Building


Fashion Notes: Maxi Cardigan-Zara, Baby Doll Top: Joa from Nasty Gal, Shorts: Man  Repeller for Paterson J. Kincaid, Sneakers: Reebok Classic Hightops, Earrings: Dior Tribales, http://www.dior.com/couture/en_us/womens-fashion/accessories/earrings, Sunglasses: Miu Miu.  It’s pretty interesting that Dior is making Tribal earrings..talk about taking inspiration from indigenous tribes. Fashion designers have been doing that forever, but most likely they got the idea from walking city streets.


Let’s discuss my mutual love of Reebok high tops..it’s so exciting to see them on the streets. Practical and stylish – -and it makes any look so much cooler.

Ferry Building 2

I love wearing a long cardigan, especially when I’m in a city in a short skirt – it helps with the wind factor, and adds some protection from obvious and slight embarrassment.

We all Need some Fat. Let’s Get Physical in Style.


Mara and Liam. Marin County, California. September 2014.

Fashion Shot: Neal

I know that so many people wear work out clothing all day.. but can’t we make it more fun? I’ve written about it, in The Huffington Post – that’s how passionate I am about stylish workout gear. Have fun! Add some earrings, or gold shoes  – so what if your feet may be adorned with blisters after jogging in these babies.  At least, you looked cool running – isn’t that most important?

These Hard Tail shorts are short, but comfortable to work out – only issue is they slide down a bit – that’s why I’m wearing the Fanny Pack. Here’s my article about being a style icon in workout gear. Try it – it’s fun!!! Maybe the accessories will slow you down, but we all need a little bit of fat anyway –


Fashion Notes: Shorts: Hard Tail, Sneakers: Ash, Headphones: Skull Candy, Glasses, Polaroid Aviators in Gold, Nails: Gold.