Head Scarf at Drop-Off. Chic Baby, Chic.


Lala. San Anselmo, California. October 2014.

I realize this photo is not the best quality, but I had to capture this mom’s style. And all I had was my old iPhone. Something about a head scarf and oversized glasses brings me to a happy place – a place filled with glamorous women, part bohemian 1970’s and part Italian bomb shell.. I guess it’s the Sophia Loren factor.

I’ve used scarves for skirts, tops, bras and for my head – my mom once made me wait in the car as a teen, because my scarf as a “shirt” was inappropriate to visit my uncle in the hospital… well, now i’m an adult, so I can wear my scarf as I please. And let me start with my head….


Bowling in Red Heels is HAUTE


Meghan. San Rafael, California. March 2014.

How great is an old school bowling joint? Pretty awesome, I must say..bowling shoes scream style..and I mean that seriously.  I love staring at everyone’s feet at a bowling ally, because somehow the shoes make everyone seem hip.

Meghan is sporting some red heels on the lanes..and a chic head scarf.. so feminine is this mom..

Photo was taken at Country Club Bowl in San Rafael, California.  It’s a complete throw back..from the retro bar to the black and white photos on the wall.  www.bowlmarin.com