Fanny Packs are kind of Haute.


Mara. San Rafael, California. August 2014.

Fashion Shot: Barb Myers

My baby friend, Waylen is staring up at me in utter confusion..what is this lady wearing? Didn’t fanny packs end their heyday in the 1990’s? This kid has a lot to learn, that’s for sure – and he’s lucky his mama is one of my closest peeps, because I will teach.

More to come on my latest passion, Fanny Packs..and why not? They do a whole lot for a mere accessory…I am working on purchasing one a bit cooler, as this boring black number is dated…The choices are endless when it comes to fanny packs – luxury designers Prada, Chanel etc..are re-making them, only more expensive.  And stores like Urban Outfitters are selling out…they have a great mix of bags, from studded city cool to music festival bohemian.  And of course the option I like best, vintage – i’ve been looking, and i’m seeing amazing fanny packs.  Unfortunately in Aspen at a great thrift store, a woman beat me to a brown leather Frye fanny pack!!!! She was pushier, what can I say?

I look forward to sharing my journey into the world of “Fanny Packs” with all of you.