Haute Lu. 305 Drop-Off.


Lu Gold. Mom. Artist. Miami, Florida. February 2014.

Fashion Notes: Glasses and “Pocketbook”: Gucci, Vest: Target, Tank: Forever 21, Pants: To and Be.  Lu’s style is always changing from day to day..she can be funky, conservative and creates the best costumes for her many Miami social events.

Lu was raised in Miami by a Cuban mother and Jewish father.  She is filled with amazing stories and incredible impersonations of her Cuban mother..she can do a Cuban accent and a New York accent like a professional. Lu attended the prestigious Miami performing arts school, New World and continues to be a highly dedicated painter.

Lu is filled with the benefit of being an artist, she’s creative and fun..always a free spirit this mamma.  Her paintings reflect Lu’s inner spirit, and I will attach an image of her work soon.  She resides in a historic Coral Gables home with her husband and three children.