Colombian Mamas are always Haute..

Marcella. Winter Miami 2018.

Marcella is Colombian visiting family in Miami. I love her smile, her thigh tattoos, and her perfect eyebrows. I love that her son had to help both of us with our Spanish and English translations.

Yes, Miami is hot enough in winter to wear overall shorts and gladiator sandals.

Curves are always sexy –

Check out the tattoos…

More tattoos on the foot.. I could do that!

Mama/Son Love

Sexy Tattoos. Little League is Haute.

tattoo mom 2Tattoo Momtattoo mom 3tattoo mom 4

Fairfax, California. March 2015.

I love these tattoos. They are stylish and really pretty to observe. Little league is hot! This was taken at the Little League baseball kick off in Fairfax.  It was a parade with floats, 1980’s music blasting and plenty of cool parents. The town is a throw back to the 1950’s – only with a hippie, bohemian vibe – that is special. This area is one of the most non-judgmental places I’ve ever lived – it has that community feeling without the constraints of traditional, conservative values.

This very pretty mama was watching her offspring in the parade, while I quickly snapped photos. Her tattoos are just pretty – and her look is reflective of her body art. I guess no matter what, this mom will always look stylish….I’ve wanted henna type tattoos on my hand for a while, but not sure I can deal with the permanence of a tattoo – What can I say? It’s hard to commit.