Channeling Jessica Alba. Haute Jenny.

Jenny. Marin County. Summer 2017.

You all know the deal, I saw Jenny, she had an amazing jean jacket – and I had to hear her style story.

When I approached Jenny, who reminds me of Jessica Alba, she was a bit confused. As moms, especially with little kids, it’s hard to find time to urinate, let alone get dressed.. so her look, which I love, is organic. Jenny is stylish naturally, and probably got dressed in 10 minutes, to take her kid to story time before his morning nap.

It’s my duty as a human, and lover of people – to say, ya know what mama, you look damn good.

I love denim, always have with as much passion as an Aretha Franklin song (well, maybe not that much passion). Jenny’s jacket is so COOL, she added the patches herself. I’ve been re-furbishing jean jackets since I’m a kid, and it would be a dream to have a room in my house dedicated to re-making denim… Jenny did good work here.

New moms, can get lonely, it’s a weird and amazing time. You are surrounded by other parents via your kids, and it’s not always a match made in friendship heaven. But trust me, you’ll find your friends, I’ve made sisters and brothers by just being a parent, and having to ask if I could borrow a diaper after one of my kids had an explosion, and I forgot diapers. I made a friend, when I couldn’t unhook my kid from his car seat… we need to be good to each other, smile as much as we can and make our fuck ups public – so others let their walls down a bit.

These lounge pants are so in right now – which is such a pleasure. I know they aren’t tight & don’t show off your curves – but they are like heaven, when you just want to be comfortable – and they look cool.

Amazing, and Jenny is wearing her collar up!!

Is that a Grateful Dead patch? or a just a skull? I’m so surrounded by Grateful Dead culture, I must think all skulls have to do with the band. Love a white bag, it makes everything look funky.

It’s all about BRANDING at Drop-Off


Kelly. Corte Madera, California. January 2014

Fashion Notes : Shoes: purchased at Anthropology, Bright colored pattern skinny pants and Blazer: Gap, Belt: Ann Taylor Loft.  Her pixie hair style adds that funkiness to her overal

Kelly is wearing clothing from big name retailers, not surprising for a brand marketing executive who’s company works with big name clients.  Kelly is co-founder of Double G branding,  She has provided business and marketing solutions for clients including The Coca-Cola Company, Hewlett-Packard, Visa, Levi Strauss & Co., Intel, Sony, Dell, Nissan, UPS, Allstate, UCSF, RedPrairie, Sprint, and Harrah’s Entertainment. Prior to co-founding Double G Branding in 2008, Kelly specialized in user experience research, client loyalty, and social networking at Sapient, a global business consulting and interactive marketing firm.

Haute Ombre Hair at Weekend Drop-Off

Edgewater mom 2 Edgewater Mom

Mom. Weekend Drop-Off. Coral Gables, Florida. July 2013.

Fashion Notes: Ray Ban sunglasses, Balenciaga Large Tote or Beach Bag, White Tank, Modern MC Hammer Floral Pants (I LOVE), Flip-Flops, Ombre Hair, Beachy hair.

This mom’s weekend style is stylish, slightly tailored (in a great way) and funky with her really great Ombre hair color.. I try to pretend I’ve purposely “ombred” my hair when my dark brown roots come in.. but who am I kidding?

It seems I just go lighter and lighter with every hair appointment.  Ya see friends, I started highlighting my hair at 16.  I would go with my mom to her three hour hair appointment and hang with all the ladies in the salon, it was fun.  Finally with some coaxing from my mom’s stylist, he and I convinced my feminist mother (she was going to make me wait until 16 to get my ears pierced, so hair color was way out of the question) to let me dive into the world of hair color.  This was also after I decided to pour a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide only in the back of my hair, and continued to say the sun caused the huge red streak.

I had dark brown hair and went from making it Black, to red highlights to light brown and a mistake of going a little too blonde..horrible on olive skin.  So now, I continue to spend hours at the salon making my hair a lighter shade with various highlights.  Not sure why I do this at all, considering I haven’t seen my real hair color in years.. mmmm maybe I will go back to my roots, literally.

Have a great weekend!! xx Mara