Brazilians are always Haute (to me)…


Fernanda. Marin County. October 2016.


Check out those espadrilles! Fernanda is Brazilian and now Californian..I grew up lucky enough to be around Brazilians – stylish, cool, laid back and fun… maybe these are stereotypes, but these are the characteristics I find in many Brazilians. Also insanely gorgeous!!


Perfect love…


Strike a pose… Fernanda exercises daily (as you can see).





Love this kid! Making a joke out of me asking Fernanda to pose 🙂


I call it “sexy hippie”, or Coachella Style..


It’s Coachella time, so here are some Haute Drop-Off parents with looks that remind me of the style so prevalent during this music festival….


Fairfax, California mom.


LA Mama in Aspen.


Brooklyn Mom and Friends..they would rule at Coachella


Philly Mom


Layering those “Coachella” accessories in Philly


Berkeley Mom  -the original Bohemian city

AB 2

My gorgeous friend and yoga teacher, California born and bred Mama

Here are my Coachella looks captured by Cara Bloch, clothing from Hollen & Jen Showroom Miami – designer vintage amazingness!



In Childhood Fashion Trauma…


Santa Monica Pier. 2015


Childhood Fashion Trauma:

Tights are so useful, especially when you want to wear a short”ish” skirt on a cold day. They are totally old school, but I don’t love to wear them, because they bring back childhood memories. One in particular. My mom explained to me in kindergarten, that after I urinate, to tuck my shirt into my tights, to avoid the “untuck”. A brilliant mind I was, obviously – So I tried this little “tip”, only I got a little confused and tucked my skirt into my tights.  Lets just say, that was my first success as a comedic actress  – the audience roared and laughed.


These carnival games have cost me some serious cash.


Three floppy hats.


Sun Dresses on Sunday. Casual Sexy.


San Rafael, California. October 2015

Very quick shots of this pretty mom in her cotton, bohemian sun dress.

floppy hat 2

floppy hat 3

Gorgeous. A little exposed back goes a long way.

floppy hat 5

Do you know what an accomplishment it is, to look this adorable in a dress, on a windy day taking care of two small children? I’ll tell you, it’s a major one (especially if the wind or kid doesn’t pull your dress up)

Madison and 72nd. Haute Human Shots.

Madison 1

Ralph Lauren Store on 72nd. New York City. April 2015.

Calm down, I’m still into you Stylin’ Parents – I just can’t resist sharing the magic of New York City: you walk and discover so much, it’s stimulating, exciting and magical. This is the first of many other cool shots I’ll share soon. As you know, I worship people, so I’ve been photographing them more. It’s really an excuse for me to make more friends, hope you like it!


She was standing in front of the Ralph Lauren store on 72nd, looking so chic – of course I had to take a few photographs.  Black and off white..those leather leggings are show stoppers..I still miss my black leather rock-n-roll Daryl K. Pants, those looked good on me :)!


An open, sexy exposed back and a smile..kind of all you need to look gorgeous.