I Keep on Truckin’ in Door Knockers & Chanel


April 2017. Somewhere in California…..Keep on Truckin’

Love the patches, especially since I now live in Grateful Dead country, and that’s an original patch – little did anyone know, it would be worn with stilettos and a large classic Chanel bag.


This 70’s jean jacket was hiding in between two vintage hawaiian shirts at the vintage flea market in Oakland. You would think I won the lottery, I was so excited – – -and for $70.00, it was mine. Oversized, original patches, perfect color and rips in all the right places – I landed on vintage denim perfection. Sunglass are from Madewell, www.madewell.com


These amazing door knockers are personalized with my name – from Melody Ehsani, https://melodyehsani.com and my chandelier earrings are from Neiman Marcus by Oscar de la Renta


My heels are from the Off Fifth, the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store – they were maybe $20. The sun dress was also a random and very inexpensive find. Most people, would say it’s really a top!! The bag, Chanel – not inexpensive, but I like to think of it as an “investment” piece, investment in my style 🙂


The oversized jean jacket, makes a mini-dress seem more comfortable. I can wear it open or hide behind the bagginess.


Seeeeee I can hide under this huge jacket!


Photos: T. Palmer, Styling: Me..





Haute Film Star Mother. San Francisco Drop-Off.

Renee 1

Renee’ Wilson. Noe Valley Farmer’s Market. San Francisco. March 2015.

I GET SHY: You guys know, I get ultra excited when I see a stylish parent. But I also get shy (yes, it’s possible) and walking up to strangers with the risk of being rejected, is scary. Many times, I will start photographing a dad, and their significant other usually laughs at them or tells them to stop…. that’s a little awkward. This is why I love performers like Renee’ – always ready to pose and not afraid of attention.

Renee 2

RENEE’: I spotted Renee’ and pretty much lunged at her with my camera. It was so nice to be greeted with a smile and a “yes” – after getting a couple of rejections that morning. Renee’ has presence  – she says it’s the hair, but that’s not actually the case. She’s tall, graceful and confident.

Little did I know, Renee’ starred in the Film Ray, a long side Jamie Foxx in the early 2000’s.  Renee’ is multi talented, she sings, she acts, she makes films and so much more, read about Renee’ here www.reneewilson.org

renee 3

SAN FRANCISCO: Renee’ looking back on a gorgeous day in the kid friendly neighborhood of Noe Valley. I rented an apartment with my kids in Noe Valley one summer, before we officially made our way to this part of the world. It looks similar to a neighborhood in Brooklyn, only it’s California..so less busy and funky–more laid back.

Renee’ is not slowing down, after taking on the role of new mother – she started a blog and continues to perform locally, and nationwide. Check out Renee’s latest venture, www.mamayogachannel.com