Haute Kiki. Aspen Style.

Kiki. Aspen. August 2017.

Hanging at the skate park in Aspen. Kiki is wearing a vintage Coach bag. She just had it re-furbished at the Coach store in NYC. I had no idea Coach was doing that. I spent a lot of money buying a re-furbished Coach bag, circa 1970’s from Barney’s. I can’t wait to bring in my $25 Coach red leather 70’s beauty to the NY flagship store and see what they can do…

So apparently with new bags, cleaning the leather is free. With older bags, it’s a nominal fee. Here’s the link, http://www.coach.com/shop/craftsmanship-care

Hard to see, but a little peak of a pretty orange Lace tank. It was a hot day in Aspen, and when you’re a mom with a kid and you’re running around – style is hard.. but Kiki made a few adjustments, and looked cool. Not like a clone in Lululemon…


Babydolls -n- Boots, Haute.


Jenny. Aspen. August 2016.


Well, well, well isn’t this a throwback to the 1990’s. Every “it” girl wore cowboy boots and baby doll dresses in the 1990’s – I believe Betsey Johnson started the trend with her sexy floral dresses all the girls coveted – back then, her stores had a no return policy, so you had to be sure that pricey dress looked good.



The nails and small tattoos add that 2016 modern edge to Jenny’s look.


Cowboy boots are always sexy with a short dress, for shorter legs aim for an ankle boot, sometimes full size cowboy boots can make legs appear shorter – but who cares!!!


Jenny’s roots are rock-n-roll…this photo is so pure..

She’s a Luxury Bohemian. Haute Style Aspen.

DSC_2073Wendy. Mom. Therapist. Aspen, Colorado. August 2014.

Wendy lives in Miami Beach and is on vacation with her family in the amazing town of Aspen.  They were watching a famous Aspen summer event, The Ducky Derby, where millions of rubber ducks are emptied in a river, purchased by visitors and residents of Aspen – to raise money for local charities.  The ducks are recycled each year, and it’s so fun to observe the wholesome excitement of the town.

I know Wendy personally, and have always been a fan of her style.  Miami has a specific style, and when I lived there, it was refreshing to see Wendy’s own “designer boho” look.  She combines a bit of natural sexiness with funky accessories, which creates this young, urban look.  Wendy is wearing a lot of luxury designer pieces, but she is an expert at combining pieces – creating her own unique style.

Fashion Notes: Glasses: Oliver Peoples, Kicks: Prada, Handbag (I love): Henry Beguelin, Black Dress: Cynthia Vincent, Bracelets: Mi and Ro and Cartier, Watch: Rolex, and funky earrings and necklace purchased in Park City and Aspen by local designers