Denim on Denim. Haute or Not? HAUTE. Tips Here.

Ojai, California. July 2017.

Yes that’s a close up of my tushy.. my friend Eric Tabora took all these shots, and none of us noticed my jeans were missing a big patch..oops. The photos are in black and white, but I’m wearing all denim.. I’m a big believer in a denim tuxedo or Canadian Tuxedo or whatever you guys call it – it’s pretty much my uniform, denim is my favorite fabric, and always has been…

These shorts look like underwear, especially when the camera is lower. I know it’s hard to see what I’m wearing in the artsy black & white… but it’s all DENIM, even my top is denim…I’m kinda ya go:

Fashion Notes: Bag: vintage Coach from Barney’s, Shoes: from the vintage fair in Oakland, I cut them to make half boots, Shorts: old Levi’s, Top: Intermix, Glasses: Dries Van Noten

I’ve been making denim jackets, and my friends decided to photograph me wearing one during a fun vacation in Ojai. Nothing better then being with friends, singing, creating and laughing. And making people laugh, like here when my fringe got stuck on a cactus.

here are my tips to pulling off….

Mix colors:¬†I think it looks cooler to wear many different colors, like Joseph and his technicolor dream coat ūüôā

Mix fabrics:¬†so some denim is worn in and some denim is very dense.. it looks stylin’ to have all those fabrics blended. So a beat up jacket with holes paired with dark blue and stiff jeans.

Accessorize: Add color and/or lots of gold like me. Now that you are wearing all jean, throw some jewelry on and over do can, believe me. Either silver or gold or a bright beaded necklace like I have from Colombia..go for it.

Bags/Shoes: Again, have fun here. You can get away with so much, like wearing high heels in bright red or white – especially if you are wearing jeans with holes. I love wearing a fancy bag like a Chanel or anything with gold hardware or even a fancy clutch with head to toe denim.. it gives cool style immediately. And it’s more fun to take something polished and make it a little less polished…

Opposites Attract:¬†..and the same works in regard to style. High/Low, Soft/Hard, Formal/Informal…

here’s an article with more tips and photos…







Denim on Denim in Brooklyn. SJP Body at Drop-Off.


Franklin Avenue. Brooklyn, New York. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: Cropped Jean Jacket, Red Converse, Distressed Jeans, Hair Bun, Cute Dimple–

Loved meeting this adorable mom with a Sarah Jessica Parker body.  She was picking up her kids from school, and happy to pose for Haute Drop Off.

Haute Fly Fishing Legend. Haute Harley. Grandpa at Drop-Off.

unnamedFlip. Grandfather. Fly Fishing Legend. Outdoor Enthusiast. Miami, Florida. June 2014.

Fashion Notes: Denim on denim, blue clogs, ponytail, beard and a classic Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Flip is a very cool grandfather, taking his granddaughter on her first motorcycle ride. ¬†I personally love motorcycles, and seeing a man riding around in one, causes me to tilt my neck – -I can’t help it, there is something free, tough and all around cool about anyone on a ¬†motorcycle.

Flip was born and raised in Miami and lived there until Hurricane Andrew blew him to Mims, Florida (i’ve never heard of Mims) in 1993. He is a Fly Fishing legend and an all-around lover of the outdoors. ¬†Flip reminds me of a real original Miami Man..most you find now living in the keys. ¬†I really enjoy stealing a glimpse of this old “skool” piece of Florida, it’s Jimmy Buffett, the ocean, fishing and a great beard!

Happy Sunday.