In Childhood Fashion Trauma…


Santa Monica Pier. 2015


Childhood Fashion Trauma:

Tights are so useful, especially when you want to wear a short”ish” skirt on a cold day. They are totally old school, but I don’t love to wear them, because they bring back childhood memories. One in particular. My mom explained to me in kindergarten, that after I urinate, to tuck my shirt into my tights, to avoid the “untuck”. A brilliant mind I was, obviously – So I tried this little “tip”, only I got a little confused and tucked my skirt into my tights.  Lets just say, that was my first success as a comedic actress  – the audience roared and laughed.


These carnival games have cost me some serious cash.


Three floppy hats.


Head Scarf at Drop-Off. Chic Baby, Chic.


Lala. San Anselmo, California. October 2014.

I realize this photo is not the best quality, but I had to capture this mom’s style. And all I had was my old iPhone. Something about a head scarf and oversized glasses brings me to a happy place – a place filled with glamorous women, part bohemian 1970’s and part Italian bomb shell.. I guess it’s the Sophia Loren factor.

I’ve used scarves for skirts, tops, bras and for my head – my mom once made me wait in the car as a teen, because my scarf as a “shirt” was inappropriate to visit my uncle in the hospital… well, now i’m an adult, so I can wear my scarf as I please. And let me start with my head….