Colombian Mamas are always Haute..

Marcella. Winter Miami 2018.

Marcella is Colombian visiting family in Miami. I love her smile, her thigh tattoos, and her perfect eyebrows. I love that her son had to help both of us with our Spanish and English translations.

Yes, Miami is hot enough in winter to wear overall shorts and gladiator sandals.

Curves are always sexy –

Check out the tattoos…

More tattoos on the foot.. I could do that!

Mama/Son Love

Colombian Chic Designer in NYC.


Central Park. Summer 2016.

Started chatting with this mama on a park bench in Central Park, while our kids were playing with the remote control sail boats. She’s from Colombia, but moved to NYC to continue her fabric design business.


Her love of pattern and design is pretty clear based on her floral print dress. ┬áThere is something glamorous about this mother’s look – so chic, so timeless.


I Heart Mochila Bags. Haute Drop-Off Medellin, Colombia.

Colombia Drop-Off

Patricia. Mom of three. Medellin, Colombia. June 2013


Bright colors, hand weaved with love, natural material!! So my Haute friends, you ask what is a Mochila? Well, I know that many of you who grew up in Miami are very familiar with these bright, bohemian handmade bags.  The actual word “Mochila” is defined literally as bag in South America.

Local women in Colombia hand make Mochila’s using the finest, natural materials and some bags take almost a month to complete.  I always feel like a Mochila is made with so much love and care, which is evident in the bright colors weaved together.

Patricia, being a great friend has sent me several photos of Mochila’s for me to choose… it’s so hard as they are all so cool.  The one I picked is huge (according to Patricia too large for my frame) with yellow, brown and orange colors.  I can’t wait for her to send me my Mochila.

I think supporting small women businesses is really important.  Every major fashion designer is influenced by the creativity and designs of indigenous people all over the world.  If we can buy directly from these amazing women, we should.  To me, this is way more exciting then any designer bag.