City Style in the Country. So Haute.


Cleveland, Georgia. July 2016.


Hanging out after church, mother and daughter style.


I love comparing mother and daughter style. Usually very different, but always being influenced by one another. My mother dresses classic, tailored and chic – I don’t, but somehow I still manage to take something of hers, which looks chic, classic and tailored on her to looking funky, downtown & stylish on me. I’ve cut, ripped and hemmed my mother’s clothing my entire life to suit my style – but the thing is, I still have inherited a piece of her classic look – and for that, I’m so lucky – meaning, if I want to look classy, I know how (don’t laugh)!


Love this tattoo of a lioness (I think)’s beautiful and simple in it’s color, and hip.


Haute in Cleveland (Cleveland, Georgia that is)


Alexis. Cleveland, Georgia. July 2016. Such a good high bun..


My love for this town in the North Georgia mountains is in part because I grew up going to sleep-away camp in the deep south and was lucky enough to be “adopted” by a family, with roots in Cleveland, Georgia. It’s pretty funny that I went to a Jewish sleep-a-way camp which was modeled after the film Meatballs (well, that’s what I think) to be entrenched in Black Southern culture. It’s one of the best gifts I received in my life. W.E.B. Du Bois in his book, The Souls of Black Folk talks about how to truly know the soul of a culture, a community is by being a part of that community, eating together, sharing, laughing..and that’s how I became the first Black Baptist Southern Jew.

In all seriousness, one day I’ll write about this more, but I love this town and its people.


Nail Art…



Studded sandals are always a good idea – I love the ones by Balenciaga

Georgia On My Mind. Church is looking Haute.


Shaniqua. Cleveland, Georgia. August 2014.

This photo was taken in front of a Baptist Church in the North Georgia town of Cleveland, Georgia.  I spent most childhood summers at a sleep-a-way camp in the North Georgia Mountains.  It was at camp where I was adopted by incredible women who worked in the kitchen at camp – through this connection, that is like family, I learned about African-American Southern culture and was exposed to church, Baptist and Methodist.  I always loved the music and passion at the Baptist church..for a little girl to witness people clapping, yelling and singing on a Sunday morning was quite inspirational, even if I didn’t believe in most of what was being preached.  I did believe in being kind and accepting, and that’s what I witnessed as a child and now.

I brought my own kids into the churches and the warmth was felt immediately.  Little kids came over to my kids with lollipops – I ran into people who knew me when I was 7 years old…It was amazing.  The style of a southern church is exciting – hats, fans, bright colors..I adore all of it.  And the younger generation is dressed casually, which is completely accepted, because being there is more important.

Here is a young mom and her gorgeous little boy (who walked right up to my boys and held their hands).  White Jeans, Leopard Print Blouse, Gladiator sandals, Oval hoops – This mom looks great…. love it.