I Keep on Truckin’ in Door Knockers & Chanel


April 2017. Somewhere in California…..Keep on Truckin’

Love the patches, especially since I now live in Grateful Dead country, and that’s an original patch – little did anyone know, it would be worn with stilettos and a large classic Chanel bag.


This 70’s jean jacket was hiding in between two vintage hawaiian shirts at the vintage flea market in Oakland. You would think I won the lottery, I was so excited – – -and for $70.00, it was mine. Oversized, original patches, perfect color and rips in all the right places – I landed on vintage denim perfection. Sunglass are from Madewell, www.madewell.com


These amazing door knockers are personalized with my name – from Melody Ehsani, https://melodyehsani.com and my chandelier earrings are from Neiman Marcus by Oscar de la Renta


My heels are from the Off Fifth, the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store – they were maybe $20. The sun dress was also a random and very inexpensive find. Most people, would say it’s really a top!! The bag, Chanel – not inexpensive, but I like to think of it as an “investment” piece, investment in my style 🙂


The oversized jean jacket, makes a mini-dress seem more comfortable. I can wear it open or hide behind the bagginess.


Seeeeee I can hide under this huge jacket!


Photos: T. Palmer, Styling: Me..





Mara’s Winter Workout Style.

unnamed-1Marin County. Vintage Wagon. Shot by Barb Myers.

Fashion Notes: Pants: Lululemon, Jacket: Uniqlo, Kicks: Japanese brand, Oversized Bag: Miu Miu, Aviators: Chanel, Earrings: Target

The Uniqlo Jacket is one of the best purchases (under $100) I’ve ever made.  In San Francisco, where you are hot and cold..you need a place to put your jacket.  This Uniqlo jacket is so light, and folds into the size of a pair of socks – – I can squeeze it in any bag.  Obviously, doesn’t take much to excite me – but this is just function and fashion.

Red is a color we should all wear, it’s powerful and looks great..I hear it gets a lot of attention from the “eyes”.  My hair is braided, which helps while I’m doing “downward dog” – -enjoy friends. Remember, working out doesn’t mean you have to look boring – spice it up!!