Haute Summer Style. Mara’s Take.

Summer 2017.

It’s hot outside, and style takes a little more work, or maybe less? With more skin showing, more neurotic insecurities come up – EVEN though I know how unimportant superficial insecurities are, they still scratch at me – But I tell myself several times a day, “Mara, stop being so boring & focusing on BS” – it usually works.

So here I’m mixing it up. As always, borrowing from my love of Brooklyn 90’s hip-hop style. Let’s break down my look:

Hair: Wavy and braided, Army Jacket: I cut it in half, it’s from a thrift store and it’s Jordache, I’m thinking 80’s, Bag: Vintage Gucci that belonged to my incredible Grandmother Sylvia, who had the best sense of humor, personality, wit, zest for life and a beauty that stopped those in her tracks. My mom bought her this bag, after she watched all four of us, I imagine a Gucci bag doesn’t equal the price of babysitting my wild siblings and me. I wear this bag, and it’s more than a fancy bag, it’s my grandma who’s keeping me company. Shorts: They are short, I got them at Free People, not many stores here in Marin County, I liked the color. Nails: Pointy, white, gold and so high maintenance. Earrings: Oscar de la Renta chandelier earrings, from Neiman Marcus and personalized door knockers, which already broke!!! Denim tank: cut by me, bought maybe at Intermix, Choker: bought this at a tiny thrift store in Marin County for maybe $5

The Gucci bag is longer than my shorts…. of course!

I mean it’s hard to wear heels with short shorts, but the way I mix it up – it’s a little funky and cool – not so sexy.

I’m happy with my hair, it covers me when I’m feeling shy..and it always makes me look so funky.

LOVE this!! It’s so me. I use scissors to cut my clothing, and it never comes out even.

It’s okay to wear the same color from top to bottom – especially when the shades don’t match exactly


I Keep on Truckin’ in Door Knockers & Chanel


April 2017. Somewhere in California…..Keep on Truckin’

Love the patches, especially since I now live in Grateful Dead country, and that’s an original patch – little did anyone know, it would be worn with stilettos and a large classic Chanel bag.


This 70’s jean jacket was hiding in between two vintage hawaiian shirts at the vintage flea market in Oakland. You would think I won the lottery, I was so excited – – -and for $70.00, it was mine. Oversized, original patches, perfect color and rips in all the right places – I landed on vintage denim perfection. Sunglass are from Madewell, www.madewell.com


These amazing door knockers are personalized with my name – from Melody Ehsani, https://melodyehsani.com and my chandelier earrings are from Neiman Marcus by Oscar de la Renta


My heels are from the Off Fifth, the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store – they were maybe $20. The sun dress was also a random and very inexpensive find. Most people, would say it’s really a top!! The bag, Chanel – not inexpensive, but I like to think of it as an “investment” piece, investment in my style 🙂


The oversized jean jacket, makes a mini-dress seem more comfortable. I can wear it open or hide behind the bagginess.


Seeeeee I can hide under this huge jacket!


Photos: T. Palmer, Styling: Me..





Haute Executive Director Mom. Birthday Drop-Off.


Tina. Mom. Executive Director. Miami, Florida. 2013

Fashion Notes: Tina always wears the best Chandelier earrings in gold.  She loves bright colors and is glowing in this shot.  This is one sexy mamma!

Tina is the Executive Director of Alonzo Mourning’s (the former NBA star of the Miami Heat) Overtown Youth Center, http://overtownyouth.org/ (OYC).

The OYC mission is to inspire and empower youth and families by fostering hope through enrichment services. The neighborhood where OYC housed is in a very special and historic Miami neighborhood, Overtown, home to musicians, artists and a vibrant African-American community.  Overtown is also a community fighting poverty, crime, poor education and drug addiction.

Tina, who was raised in Overtown is working hard to make her neighborhood a better place, especially for the children being raised in her community.  I will never forget Tina giving me a tour of her neighborhood, she knows everybody and the warmth and love of Overtown’s residents is quite special.  I was in Overtown when President Obama was elected, we all sat at Jackson’s Soul Food and celebrated.

When I started working in Overtown, many people made comments regarding my safety.  But in Overtown I never felt unsafe, I only felt loved and accepted by the people who made this community so special. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and make an effort to get to know other people, and that means stepping into their lives.. then all of us leave our judgements and fear behind, and end up enlightened with a lot of new friends.

I also learned a lot about basketball, and got to hang out with Zo and Dwayne Wade.  Tina and my friend TK had to point out the players to me.  Additionally, Tina had to elbow me when I told Zo that he’s quite the impressive “kicker”.  Fun times! Tina is a rock star mom and a great community leader.